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Non-Binary - Hermaphrodites Are As Common As Red Hair - 2% Of The U.S. Society

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Intelligent Party

Nov 16, 2022, 4:40:03 PM11/16/22
Non-binary people are often hermaphrodites. As can be seen from this chart, there
are different degrees of hermaphroditism:

Hermaphroditism is as common as red hair. 1%-2% of the population. Perhaps 50½
of hermaphrodites have disparate genitals as in the chart above, while 50½ have
100% penis, or 100% vagina, yet are nevertheless biologically 50% male & 50%
female, or some combination - 90%/10%, 80%/20%, 70%/30%, 60%/40%, of female/male
or male/female.

They are also known as "Intersex." See the following entry on Wikipedia for

Infant surgical genital assignment should be outlawed, as someone may have more
male genitals, and be more biologically female (so the physician screwed what
little was left of the female's existent genitals), or have more female genitals
and be more biologically male, (so the physician screwed what little was left of
the male's existent genitals). So it's like their gender was changed as a baby.
It's no ones business to assign anyone.

Besides that, it's up to you to choose who you want to be - it's not anyone's
business to assign you, nor objectify you, as anything, and you don't have to be
defined by your gender. And regardless of biology, there is a mental aspect here,
and mental problems are subjective, there is no such thing as objective
psychology, just objective immorality and crime because it harms others, and there
is subjective psychology. But you only objectify in psychology, to distance
yourself, from the subjective problem.

Furthermore normal male infant circumcision should be outlawed as mutilation.
People can decide if they want body modification when they're older, but infant
male circumcision is done 100% against an infant's will.

They could put these two in the same Federal bill, because their should be a
Federal law, against both these crimes.

To harm no one, was the Hippocratic oath.

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