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Whose Right Is It, To Say, SEX Isn't For Children?

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Intelligent Party

Aug 21, 2022, 10:38:35 AM8/21/22

Remember, whenever you're advocating pedo rights, to say "for the record, we fully
condemn child abuse," and we do.

This is not an advocation to have sex with children, however such an advocation is
100% fully legal under the Brandenburg test. (you may as well say this too).

Three ways that sex with Children is NOT okay:

1. Police officer to prisoner sex (Guardian/Ward = Warden/Ward) compelled by
implied threat of punishment = rape.

2. Sexual assault of any age is sexual assault, whether Harvey Weinstein to Rose
McGowan, or a pedo who just goes right for the french kiss or crotch without
sufficient indication of interest from his or her target.

3. Mentally incompetent toddlers under three years old cannot consent any more
than someone in a walking coma or a sleeping adult.

If someone were to legally upset someone's parents, by legal sex with their
descendant, the parents could re-advise the descendant. They should, however, be
slut pride, and not slut shame.

Just because someone has sex once, certainly means, they do not need to repeat it,
if they didn't like it.

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