Withholding's As Wrong As Robbery, And Robbery's As Right As Withholding

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Nov 24, 2021, 9:10:04 PM11/24/21
Withholding's As Wrong As Robbery, And Robbery's As Right As Withholding

Stealing from those who have the same or less than you is immoral, and stealing a
poor man's horse is capital, and if you steal from those who have more than you,
they will eventually have the same, or less than you, and it will eventually be

Nepotism - favoritism to one's relatives isn't fair. A lack of perfect
understanding of macroeconomics, and a lack of socialism, has made the
civilization unjust in the first place. Robbery is as right as withholding, and
withholding is as wrong as robbery, and the bill ought to fall on the money printers.

Otherwise, violating another's body and property, and doing something against
another's will is immoral. Petty, Grand, Capital. Capital crimes are the
greatest against another's will.

"Do What Thou Wilt" is not the whole of the law, but "Do Unto Others As You Would
Have Them Do To You."

Murder and other capital crimes must be addressed, - though I won't say how:

Capital Battery
Capital Kidnapping

Serial Non-Capital Grand Kidnapping
Serial Rape and Serial Grand Battery
Serial Extortion of the same person
Serial Abuse of someone who can't quit someone such as a dependent

Capital Larceny

(Crimes are petty, grand, and capital.
(Should there be sub grand, and super grand also?))

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