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Pedophilia is Legal - Just Saying

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Intelligent Party

Aug 21, 2022, 10:37:16 AM8/21/22
One can't rightly have sex with an unwillful prisoner, nor a mentally incompetent
toddler. And then it's that one took somebody's kids skydiving, without their
knowledge, but it's really the kid's personal choice.

A child's right to sexuality is as sacrosanct as a child's right to Church. It
would more, at most be, that one couldn't hang out with them anymore, as far as
this warden-ward Parental tyranny is allowed to persist.

Pedophilia is less deviant than gay or beast. Pedophilia is akin to interracial.
When you prohibit something you give someone a complex.

People who harm the weakest among us incite the most outrage. If you were going
to take vengeance, you would start with those who torture puppies and children.
But it wouldn't undo the evil done. Yet at the same time, much of the persecution
of pedophiles is reminiscent of the persecution of homosexuals, and even
interracial sexuality. There are still people to this day, who say that
homosexuals are psychopaths, and have a mental disorder. They make the same
claims about pedophiles. That some homosexuals are psychos in fact, that some
pedophiles have murdered children, that some adult heterosexual men, want to have
sex with dead girls, is no acceptable stereotype of 90%-99%+ of the rest of the
population. Whatever percent that is. For the rest of the people who have no
such interest, and it is certainly far above 90%. Most people respect human
rights, yet not those who persecute pedophiles, homosexuals, and black men who
just 50 years ago, they hung from a tree for having sex with a white woman.

For the record we fully condemn child abuse. And in the strongest terms possible.
In case anyone is wondering.

But there is nothing more criminal about having or distributing pictures and
videos of children having sex, than there is about having or distributing
nonsexual pictures and videos of children abused, which they distribute on the
nightly news and on Youtube both, as evidence of a crime.

Rather child porn laws are suppressing just such evidence of a crime. I have
heard from law enforcement, that in addition to happy consent child sex videos,
there are toddler rape videos. Toddlers screaming for their mothers, evidence of
a crime hidden from the public eye. This is the greatest atrocity, an abominable
offense to suppress activity that ought to see the light of day, as all evidence
of crime ought not be shrouded in darkness.

You don't have to be pedo, or homo, or have sex with other races. You're just not
against people who do; so long as no one is victimized. We're not guilty by
doctrine. But those persecuting others by doctrine, are guilty, by fact. Actually
two wrongs don't make a right, any more than three do. But truth and error exist
as scientific moral facts.

On the other hand, according to all just and right legal theory, you don't have to
be interage prejudice either. It's like someone saying you can't have sex with
someone from Canada, and threatening to kill you if you do. Then you say people
who have sex with Canadians have a mental disorder. It's not like every
interracial couple is a fetish couple. Prejudice is abhorrent.

But the right points of criticism against pedophiles, are: 1) You can't have sex
with an unwillful prisoner, any more than a police officer can tell someone to
have sex with them, and do so, and 2) You can't have sex with a mentally
incompetent toddler.

And then it's that one took somebody's kids skydiving without their knowledge, but
it's really the kid's personal choice.

So I was trying to figure out, if like the person said "yes" to the prison guard,
would the prison guard still be in jeopardy if the person later said, they just
said "yes" cause they were afraid. Yet the law, "de jure," does not even admit
the possibility of consent, which is a fact, but says the act is criminal "per
se," which makes the law criminal.

Saying children can't consent *is* a lie.

I'm not a pedophile. I just don't like to see my innocent countrymen murdered.

People saying minors can't consent, are making the same mistake as people saying
minors have to consent; and people saying minors have to consent, are making the
same mistake, as people saying minors can't consent. Both persuasions are
abhorrent. Both parties need to be corrected. Because someone had sex in the
past, doesn't mean they wish to repeat it today. Minors are liable to be slut
shamed and pressured into blaming their partners, and slut shaming is wrong. This
doesn't excuse actual tyrannical influence of a warden-ward relationship. And
obviously mentally incompetent toddlers cannot consent.

And then it's that one took somebody's kids skydiving without their knowledge, but
it's really the kid's personal choice, and sacrosanct right, as it is the kid's
sacrosanct right to go to Church. Many teens meet the other kid's dad before
taking their sexual/romantic interests out on a date. But at the moment,
apparently the law wouldn't care if pedos had their young friend's parent's
blessings. Again, warden-ward tyranny aside. Kids in child porn deserve their
pay as much as movies stars and kids in underwear commercials.

No, I'm not making child porn. No, I'm not a pedo. In fact, I've never even seen
it, and have just heard reports from law enforcement, about toddlers screaming for
their mothers while being raped.

Intelligent Party

Aug 21, 2022, 10:37:46 AM8/21/22
Child Sexual *Assault* Is A Crime

In addition to what's said above, going right for the crotch, on a minor, or the
mouth, is the same as doing that, to a grown man or woman.

Two ways to sex, are talking, and touching. With a minor, talking is probably the
better way. This is not an advocation (which is totally legal, by the way, under
the Brandenburg test), just saying. With a grown man or woman, one can touch,
arm, back, leg; and see if they hug back, and then go for the lip kiss, or french.
But who knows how intelligent an individual minor is, on sexuality.


People who are under 8, don't know they're missing out on things. People who are
8 and over want all kinds of things. That doesn't mean any individual wants sex
more or less than you or I.

Mental competence must start sometime between 2 or 3, or later, in most people,
and they no longer need to be spoon fed.

After they're 3+, they can choose whether they want to play with dollies, blocks,
or your genitals. Though they may tire of your crazy genital games quickly. I
don't speak from experience.

If sex is imposed on a minor, it could turn them transgender or gay. How is this?

No, I have no intent nor interest in sex with a child, nor have I ever.

"Now I'm singing all my songs, to the girl who won my heart; she is only three
years old, it's a real fine way to start,"
- Robert Plant, "The Ocean," Led Zeppelin

"You were put in this world, to make others happy." - Someone

Intelligent Party

Aug 21, 2022, 10:38:15 AM8/21/22
Sex Is An Important Part Of Physical Health, And Teens - Children - Aren't Getting
Enough Sex.

It's just a fact. There's no advocation there, it's just a fact.

Advocations are legal, by the way, under the Brandenburg test.

A child's right to sexuality, is as sacrosanct, as a child's right to Church.

Use two disparate types of birth control concurrently, and ABORT in the First
Trimester/14 Weeks, before there is a brain or a ghost in the fetus. Sex is
always a positive, holy, religious activity which should not be condemned, but
unsafe sex is immoral and unplanned childbirth is the scourge of nations.

Men don't lay their eggs in women, and women don't allow men to lay their eggs in
them; unless they want a baby. There's a 50% chance of getting pregnant in one
act, without birth control.

Sex is nothing wrong, unplanned childbirth is wrong, yet we do not condemn a
mother after the fact.

Sex is another way of hugging. Like french kissing.

Love is the greatest aphrodisiac.

Friendship is the only valid relationship in the Universe. There is no domination
and submission in friendship, because friends already do what they want each other
to, because they want to make each other happy freely. The function of
relationships forever is to make happy, and nothing else. A relationship is about
two people giving, not two people taking, not one person giving and one person taking.

All thoughts of love are true for all time, if only because you choose them. Yet
all bad things come to an end.

Individuals are Sovereign States, like the Queen of England and Canada, and a
Sovereign State is but a person. Any failure to recognize this, is a false
religious war upon Christ:

"Pilate therefore said to Him, “Are You a king then?”

Jesus answered, “You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and
for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the
truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”
- John 18:31, Holy Bible, New Testament, NKJV

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