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Intelligent Party

Nov 6, 2022, 1:57:20 AM11/6/22
Women have an absolute right to separate from their fetuses at all times. Women
with twenty weeks to abort, will be committed to their pregnancy, and not abort
after twenty weeks, unless the baby is handicapped or dying. Women with less than
twenty weeks to abort, may still be seeking abortions after twenty weeks. This is
significant, because I believe there is no human spirit in the zygote from the
point of conception to seventeen or twenty weeks. Life after death is real, and
every religion confirms reincarnation. After twenty weeks, the spirit comes into
the fetus at a different and indeterminate time up unto birth. This is my belief.

The ONLY women who will abort after twenty weeks, besides those DENIED abortions
before twenty weeks, are those who's babies are handicapped or dying. As to
handicapped, should we really bring people into this world, and tell them to live
handicapped their whole lives, without total bodies? What do we live for? Why
incarnate at all? 1) Our bodies, 2) our minds, 3) our property, 4) our friends,
5) our careers. Life is just about science, art, and friends. So if you are like
Stephen Hawking, OR have some really beloved friends, maybe you have a point.
Otherwise miracles, or death seem the answer. And anyone could potentially
reincarnate and be eight in eight years, if with amnesia.

The fetus DOES NOT, own the woman's body. The woman's body is her own. Whether
the woman intended to get pregnant but changed her mind, had an accident, or
whether if hypothetically the baby attached itself up to the woman in her sleep,
against her will from the beginning, BLAME has no place here. Porn stars are at
risk of pregnancy, as a career. Rape victims cannot be blamed, yet how does that
give you any more right to kill a fetus. The father doesn't have to carry the
baby at all. The body is the woman's body, and that is one of the most
fundamental things. Mothers and Fathers are not obligated to attach themselves
back up to their children to save their lives later in life, nor are they
obligated to give them a kidney.

Unplanned childbirth is the scourge of nations. Even WITH ABORTION LEGAL, 37.5%
of our society was unplanned. 1.5 million of 4 million babies born total every
year, were unplanned and not conceived intentionally. Allowing babies to live is
killing grown men. For every 1% unemployment goes up, 40,000 people die. There
are currently 6 million unemployed, and only 2 million people on unemployment
insurance. There are no homes built and no business equity produced for the
extreme increase in population.

Two grown men do each, have a right to separate from the other, as they were NOT
Siamese twins, both born owning the entire body, at birth.

For instance, if I needed a kidney, and it was not going to be available for six
months, and I was like, "bro, the doctors said I'm going to die in the next few
days, if I'm not hooked up to somebody," Would you hook up to me? No, you would
be like, "sorry bro, I don't know what you're going to do."

But if I needed a kidney, and it was going to be available in two weeks, and I was
like "bro, the doctors said I'm going to die in the next few days, if I'm not
hooked up to somebody," if you were my friend, you could be like, "okay, we're
going to do this. We'll sit and watch T.V., or in the hospital for two weeks."
And so then, we hooked up, and then the doctors were like, "that kidney is bad.
There's not going to be a kidney for eight months." You would be like, "uhm,
we're not going to be hooked up for eight months. We're disconnecting." And at
my funeral, THEY could be like "Dude! he's dead cause of you!," and you could be
like "any of you could have attached up to him for eight months (you even had a
few days to do it), but you didn't!"

This proves you have a right to detach from a grown man, and thereby the right to
detach from a fetus that is a living baby, and therefore a person, even though it
is is no longer a cadaver, even after a human spirit has come into it.

When the preemie comes out early, and it's possible, are you going to put the
preemie BACK IN the MOTHER, or attach it up to the FATHER? I mean, some parents
might very well want to save their child. But prohibition of abortion is as if to
perpetrate this is an additional REQUIREMENT.

And women forced to not abort are forced to be surrogate mothers without pay.

Also, being born with poor parents who didn't want you, is perhaps like being born
handicapped. There are too many orphans and children of bad parents, mothers
thirteen, fathers in prison, both are on drugs, in the world.

You see the bodies in the movie Avatar in the incubation tanks, moving around,
with no higher consciousness in them. Just because the fetus kicked doesn't mean
it's conscious yet. It may or may not be, and
how would we know? Just speculation. You know? I don't. You can convince me?

If there's no human spirit in the zygote yet, it's absolutely immoral to NOT
abort, because that's like getting pregnant! There's no human spirit in the first
17-18 weeks.

Prohibition, and a free country are antithetical.

People prohibiting abortion and other things are criminals as surely as Hitler was
a criminal to prohibit Judaism, and mass incarcerate the Jews.

You own your body, and no one has any rights over it, and that's a FACT!

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