And he said: "There is no plan."

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(David P.)

Jul 29, 2021, 12:00:15 PMJul 29
Last December, a gray-haired professor was standing
by the soccer field at Cedar Falls Park, watching the
youngsters play. I said: "In 2019, the U.N. report said
that world population will rise to 11 billion & level out.
Is that the plan?" And he said: "There is no plan."

El Castor

Jul 31, 2021, 3:01:40 PMJul 31
And I repeat ...
The issue that you seem unwilling to confront is fertility rates. If
the women of a country average fewer than 2.1 children apiece the
population of that country will gradually shrink to zero. Most of the
developed world, including the United States, is in that category.
Aha, but you say, the population of the United States (1.84) is
growing! Two reasons -- unchecked immigration and a previously higher
rate than 2.1 which left us with a peaking wave of women still of
child bearing age. Some countries like Italy (1.47) and Japan (1.38)
are already experiencing a severe population decline. Most of East
Asia is far below replacement rate, as is most of the developed world.
All of Africa is above replacement as well as much of the Middle East,
India, and some countries in Central and South America.

What can we do? Provide those significantly above 2.1 with birth
control and cease to welcome their excess populations at our southern
border. Japan has for years been working on robotics and automation --
something that the rest of the developed world has begun to emulate.

"Country Comparisons
Total fertility rate"

"Japan's Population Is In Rapid Decline",its%20inhabitants%20are%20aging%20out%20of%20the%20workforce.

"As Birthrate Falls, South Korea’s Population Declines, Posing Threat
to Economy"

"Global population decline will hit China hard
Business leaders and analysts see the global population declining in
the next century, and China will be badly affected. The Asian nation
is well-advised to make precautions soon to avoid a humanitarian

"Italy is dying: Country’s birth rate drops to its lowest level in
The shrinking population affects the 'very existence of our country,'
President Sergio Mattarella warns."

"Germany's birth rate drops, confirming dramatic predictions for the
whole world
Births in Germany are down, while its population ages. It's a similar
trend in other countries. A new study predicts a dramatic reduction in
the population in most countries by the end of the century."

Oh and ...
"Overpopulation Myth: New Study Predicts Population Decline This
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