Re: Study: Big 3 networks, NBC, ABC and CBS still fixated on 'first love' Obama

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Oct 15, 2008, 2:08:41 PM10/15/08
On Oct 15, 12:49 pm, Sordo™<sordo™> wrote:
> Tuesday, October 14, 2008
> Study: Big 3 networks still fixated on 'first love' Obama
> Jennifer Harper
> The "big three" broadcast networks - NBC, ABC and CBS - remain
> captivated with Sen. Barack Obama, according to a study of campaign
> coverage released Tuesday by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at
> George Mason University.
> Numbers tell all: 61 percent of the stories that appeared on the
> networks between Aug. 23 and Sept. 30 were positive toward the
> Democratic Party. In contrast, just 39 percent of the stories covering
> Republicans were favorable.
> "After a brief flirtation with Sarah Palin, the broadcast networks have
> returned to their first love: Barack Obama," said Robert Lichter, the
> center's president.
> "John McCain has not been so lucky. He's gotten bad coverage from the
> beginning. It has never varied from that," Mr. Lichter added.
> Fox News Channel, which was included in the study to provide parity, cut
> the Republicans some slack. Overall, 44 percent of the Republican
> coverage included in the half-hour news portion of the nightly "Special
> Report with Brit Hume" was positive, compared with 25 percent favorable
> coverage for the Democrats. Mr. Obama was favored in only 28 percent of
> the stories. Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. garnered 18 percent positive
> coverage. Thirty-eight percent of the stories about Mr. McCain were
> positive.
> And Mrs. Palin, the Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential
> nominee? Comparatively speaking, she was a Fox favorite, with half the
> stories about her positive.
> The study revealed a rare and potentially laudable trend at NBC, ABC and
> CBS, which could benefit voters as Election Day looms. Stories on all
> three networks were more attuned to real "substance" and issues, rather
> than the political horse race, tactics and strategy.
> Thirty-six percent of the coverage was substantive, compared with 31
> percent that focused on the horse race.
> "In the past six elections, this is the only second time that
> 'substance' has outpaced the horse race among broadcasters," Mr. Lichter
> said.
> "Reporters and correspondents are systematically monitoring campaign ads
> - which are based around very specific issues. The press ends up vetting
> the ads, and consequently vetting the issues. We're no longer getting
> surface portrayals of 'Mr. Change' and 'Mr. Maverick' ," he added.
> Fox News, with 260 election stories, provided the most campaign
> coverage, followed by CBS (141 stories), NBC (95) and ABC (89). Things
> were not quite so solemn at Fox News, perhaps. The study found that 31
> percent of the network's coverage was substantive, compared with 44
> percent that dealt with the horse race.
> The public, meanwhile, has its own perceptions.
> Overall, 38 percent of Americans say the media has been "too tough" on
> Mrs. Palin, according to a survey released Thursday by the Pew Research
> Center. In contrast, only 5 percent said Mr. Biden has been roughed up
> by news organizations, while 9 percent said the same of Mr. Obama. Less
> than a quarter said Mr. McCain had received tough treatment in the
> press.

Hey those same networks encouraged your great hero's war based on a
lie. That , in time, created a TRILLION dollar debt at a Billion
dollars a month even now. So maybe they learned their lesson about
supporting losers.

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