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IAP-NET: "50 Years of Occupation" New York Evening program (fwd)

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Amer Alshawa (Abu Amin)

May 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM5/23/98

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful The Mercy-Giving

Islamic Association For Palestine (IAP)
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May 22th, 1998

"PALESTINE: 50 Years of Occupation" Program - Brooklyn, New York.

When: 5:30 PM, Sunday, May 24th, 1998

Place: Walt Whiteman Auditorium, Brooklyn College
( Flatbush Ave. X H street )

Guest Speakers:

Shk. Abdallah Idris
ISNA's Ex-President and Islamic leader, Canada
Imam Al-Amin Abdel-Latif
President of the Islamic Shura Council of New York
Shk. Wajdi Ghuniem
A Renowned Muslim Scholar and Islamic leader, Egypt
Shk. Deib Anees
A leader of the Islamic Movement and ex-Parliament member, Jordan
Shk. Muhammad Al-Hanooti
A Renowned Scholar, Imam of Dar Al-Hijra in Washington D.C.
Dr. Hatem Bazyan, PhD
Islamic and International Studies, University of California at Berkeley

50 Years of Occupying Palestine - What does it mean to you?
Palestine: The Tragedy of the Century
Hope and Good news in the 50th Anniversary
Muslims in America: What should we do?

Please come, bring your family, and also bring a friend.

Organized by:

Islamic American Alliance for Palestine (IAAP) and Islamic Association for
Palestine (IAP).

Co-sponsored by: Islamic Shura Council of New York, Islamic Circle of
North America, Islamic Society of North America, Council on Islamic-
American Relations, American Muslim Alliance, Holy land Foundation, Muslim
Youth of North America, NYC Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Islamic Society
of Bay Ridge, Bronx Muslim Center, National Council on Islamic Affairs.

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Proudly Serving Palestine and Al-Quds ooooooooooooooo
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