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Jun 20, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/20/98

When is a Muslim can be considered as Murtad? Is by his act or by his words?

Jun 20, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/20/98

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> When is a Muslim can be considered as Murtad? Is by his act or by his words?

According to the book The system of Punishment, there are four ways of wich a
person becomes a murtad. Belief, duobt, words and actions. According to the
auther AbdulRahaman Al'Malki, if someone doubts our creed, or whatever there
is no doupt in the proof of like hijab, or the oness of Allah or wether
Muhammad is the messenger or Allah or even the Hadd of death, he has become

With belief, the disbilief in the onnes of Allah, or the quran is the word of
Allah or the disbilief in the knowledge that a person is obligated to know
like alcohol is haram and the cutting of the thieves hand. These things
cannot be disputed.

The saying of things that have not come from Allah with regards to our
belief. For example saying that Allah has begotten jesus or Islam is from
Muhammad and Allah. These sayings takes a person out of Islam.

The actions of a person that have no basis in Islam like praying to an idol
or praying in a christian church like the christians, are actions that have
taken the person out of Islam.

These for thing are reasons of wich a person can be killed under The Islamic
system according to the previuosly mentioned book.

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Jun 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/23/98

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I recieved an email stating that there was no Death penalty for leaving
Islam. I don't argue with non Muslims or people that have no knowledge in
what they are saying but I thought I may have a duty infront of Allah to give
this person some of the daleel. He claimed that Rassol Allah never killed
anyone for leaving Islam nor did the Sahabah. These are daleel proving the
opposite. Evidence from The saying of Rasool Allah, The actions of Abu Bakr,
Omar and Ali. Three out of the four khulafa'.

AlBukhari had narrated that Ali (kAw) had burnt the zanadiqah, when Ibn Abbas
heard of this he said that he, Ibn Abbas, would not have done the same if he
were in the same situation because Rasool Allah had ordered us not to punish
with the punishment of Allah. Instead, Ibn Abbas contiunued, I would have

AlBaihaqi had narrtaed that Um Marwan had left Islam. Rasool Allah had
ordered that should be called to Islam and should she except it then she is
free. If not then SHE SHOULD BE KILLED.

It is also narrated that during the time of Omar Ibn AlKhatab, A mand had
arrived from a state that was under Abi Musa. Omar had asked him for news of
the sate. The Man reported that a man had left Islam after becoming a Muslim.
Omar asked what was done to him and the man replyed that they had killed him.
Omar said that they should have jailed the murtad and fed him a loaf of bread
a daythen asked if he would return to Islam (before he was killed if he had
insited on leaving Islam)

AlBaihaqi also reported that during the Imarah of Abu Bakr, Um Qirfah had
left Islam after becoming a Muslim, she was asked to return yet she insisted
on not returning to Islam and was Killed by the order of Abu Bakr.

Please do not email me unless you have proof. Don't debate with out Proof.
One more thing, If your going to email me with the ayah, there is no
compution in the way of life, then here is how the scholars I know have
translated it.

No one can be forced to becoming a Mulim. If one does become a Muslim these
Hadeeth above are implimented on the person.

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