Tashkent Qur'an

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AbdulraHman Lomax

Oct 13, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/13/97

as-salamu 'alaykum.

Marjan Publications is in the process of preparing a photocopy edition
of the Tashkent mus-haf of the Qur'an.

This very old copy has been reputed to be 'Uthman's copy, RA, but we
do not consider this a strong claim at the present time.

The manuscript itself is in poor condition and about half of the
Qur'an is missing from it. We are working from a photocopy of the 1905
Pisareff edition, and intend to index the material so that one can
find relevant passages, if they are present in the mus-haf, with ease.

According to A. Shebunin, writing in 1891, as reported by Donaldson in
"The Moslem World, " 1940, this is a list of what is present in the

2:6-172, 175-183, 209-214, 231-233, 257-274, 282-end; 3:31-96, 91-97,
101-141, 148-end; 4:1-33, 37-46, 74-79, 83-92, 94-144; 5:88-end; 6
complete; 7:1-103; 11:44-122; 12:19-23; 14:41-46; 15:7-86; 16:7-103,
115-120; 17:1-51, 58-end; 18:1-76, 81-105; 19:2-45, 53-end; 20:1-135;
26:63-117, 130-142, 155-202; 27:1-22, 28-34, 44-82; 36:11-end;
37:1-73, 89-end; 38:1-28; 39:8-11; 40:4-7, 54-59, 63-83; 41:4-39;
42:20-end, 43:1-10.

There has been a great deal written about this mus-haf that does not
appear to be true on careful examination.

For example, Dr. Muhamamad Hamidullah, wrote in his preface to a
facsimile edition of this mus-haf, "It is inspiring to know and to
note that in this copy of the beginning of Islam ... there is
absolutely no difference, not a word is either more or less." Yet
there are, in fact, small variations in this text from what is
generally accepted as the Qur'an. Also Dr. Hamidullah notes that, in
it, "There are neither diacritical points nor the vowel signs." It is
true that no vowels are marked, but there are, in some places in the
text, marks which take the place of the points.

A careful critical study of this text has apparently not been
undertaken. Perhaps part of the text is original and part is later
restoration and repair.

This edition will be available for $35 plus shipping. The speed with
which we produce it (it still needs indexing and paste-up) will vary
directly with the interest shown, so if any reader is interested in
purchasing a copy, please reply by e-mail to this post.

AbdulraHman Lomax
P.O. Box 423
Sonoma, CA 95476


Oct 14, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/14/97

On 13 Oct 1997, AbdulraHman Lomax wrote:

> as-salamu 'alaykum.

walaikumus-salaam br. abdurrahmaan:

> Marjan Publications is in the process of preparing a photocopy edition
> of the Tashkent mus-haf of the Qur'an.

since when this venture got kicked? btw, do you give student's discount ;)

i am definitely interested in it, inshallah. but i would prefer a good
photocopy of it.


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