Should A Islamic "Speaker" Hide his Identity..?

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Saeed Rahim

Apr 11, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/11/98

Assallam-o-Allaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhuu
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Perhaps you may have the answer to the question that:

Should a Islamic "Speaker" Hide his Identity..?

If you have the answer to his question then please post it to
the network from where you received this posting so that
others may share in your wisdom and intellect.

Allah(swt) says in the Quran (Surah Baqara Verse 42.)

".....Nor conceal The Truth when you know what it is.."

and the truth is, that this Islamic Speaker has a real name
which he "knows what it is..." and yet, he conceals that
truth by calling himself as "Abu-----"

In another Ayah of the Quran with reference to the names
of adopted sons, Allah(swt) says:(Surah Al-Ahzab Verse 5)

"Call them by the names of their fathers: that is Juster in
the sight of God......"

But, this is an "exception" and is not a "rule" and is designed
to deal specifically with the situation of adopted sons.

Through Islamic History, using parentage or lineage as a
way of referring to individuals was done more for the
reasons of authenticating an un-broken chain of communica-
tion of Hadith(s) and was not used by individuals to conceal
their identity.

And, even when people had used parentage in naming
themselves then they gave their real names as well along
with their parentage. Some of the most famous examples
are :
Omar "Bin" Khattab (notice "Bin" and not Abu...)
Othman "Bin" Affan ( " "Bin" and not Abu...)
Zaid "Bin" Thabet ( " "Bin" and not Abu...)

If it was such a religious requirement to call oneself "ABU---"
Then our Beloved Prophet Mohammad(saw) would have
referred to himself as "Abu( and then the name of one of his
children) but he did not so so, indeed, if any such situation
arose (e.g. the starting words of Suleh Hudaibiya) he
referred to himself as Mohammad "Bin" Abdullah and not
as Mohammad "Abu----" and certainly did not referred to
himself by concealing his own real name of

So, why does this present day Islamic "Speaker" conceals
his own real name / identity by heavily truncating everyhting
and calling himself by just "Abu----"

Background to the Question:

I am referring to the Islamic "Speaker" who calls himself
as "ABU-------(so and so)" to such an extent that I don't think
there are many who know his real name.One wonders why
he avoids using his real name..???

The Munafiqat (Hypocrisy) of The Situation:

The Munafiqat of the situation is that this speaker works
for a major British Company and there is no way that they
would have employed him if he had tried to conceal his
real name from them by the use of "Aliases". So, when
dealing with the "Mushriks" this Islamic Speaker tells them
his true identity but, when it comes to dealing with his
fellow muslims he hides from them his real name by
calling himself "ABU-----"

The second very obvious Munafiqat(Hypocrisy) is that
this Islamic "Speaker" must be having a Passport,
and there is no way that he could have concealed
information about his identity on his passport application
forms by calling himself Abu---- whilst his real name is
something else because, had he done so, then he would
have faced the wrath of the law with a possible ---------

Therefore the sad, sad thing is that the fear of the laws of
the Kafiroons and the fear of the laws of the Mushrikoons.
makes this Islamic "Speaker" tell "them" his true identity,
but the moment this Islamic "Speaker" speaks of the Quran
and speaks of the Sunnah he has no hessitation to conceal
his identity from his fellow muslims by calling himself not
by his real name but by an alias of "Abu------"

So, why this Hypocrisy...???? and, please illuminate all
the people on the various Muslim Networks by answering
the question:

Should a Islamic "Speaker" Hide his Identity ?

Wa-assallam-o-Allaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhuu

Saeed Rahim

Apr 13, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/13/98

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Saeed Rahim <> wrote:
> Assallam-o-Allaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhuu
> Dear Brothers and Sisters,
> Perhaps you may have the answer to the question that:
> Should a Islamic "Speaker" Hide his Identity..?

If one is speaking the truth he/she shall not hide his/hers identity.

So: An Islamic speaker should NOT hide his identity.

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