MSA East Zone Conference- March 28-30

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Mar 20, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/20/97

asalaam alaikum wrt wbt wmgh,
I still have 5 seats from Albany and NYC that i NEED to fill...pls contact
me if u would like to go or know anyone that would like to go..
jazakallah khair,

Here is all the info about the MSA East Zone Conference. The e-flier, contact
information, directions, and registration form, transportation info and

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Date: March 28-30, 1997

Where: Tyson's Westpark Hotel, 8401 Westpark Drive (Route 7 West)
McLean, VA 22102 (outside of Washington DC) (703)-821-8872

Cost: $55 (includes food/lodging/transportation
from airport and other accomodations)
*all payment on-site, all major credit cards accepted!

The conference will be three days of sessions and workshops on aqeedah,
sunnah, and tazkiyah. By Allah's will, the focus will be on knowledge
that is essential for every MSA and every Muslim. Tawhid is the foundation
of Islam by which submission is attained; the sunnah is that way of life
through which we can attain obedience to Allah; and all this should be
reflected in the purity of our hearts and our intentions. Strengthening
of these three aspects is a strengthening of our imaan, our ummah and a
means by which to enter jannah, inshaAllah. Speakers include Ali Al-Tamimi,
Abdullah Adhami, and more!


Pre-Register On-line @
or by Phone @ (703)-820-7900 Tues/Wed. 10AM-5PM & Sat. 9:30AM-12PM

Conference will start after Juma'ah Salah at 2PM

For more information, please contact

MSA National East Zone Representative:
Br. Farhan Syed -

Conference Co-Coordinators:

Br. Asad Ba-Yunus (On-Site) Sr. Iman Badawi (Program)

Onsite/Hospitality: Intisar Rabb-
Registration: Sara Ahmed-
Publicity: Huma Ahmad-
Security: Faisal Shah-
Transportation: Mohammed Essam Abdullah-

***** For Travel Information, contact Light Star Travel
(703)-237-0002. (Mention the EZ Conf for special rate)


Here are the directions to the hotel and other info.

Southbound on I-95:
-take 495 W (Northern VA)
-take Leesburg Pike, rt. 7, West
-at the 6th light, make a right onto Westpark Dr.
-hotel will be on right[A
Northbound on I-95:
-take 495 towards Rockville
-exit onto Leesburg Pike, rt. 7, West
-at the 6th light, make a right onto Westpark Dr.
-hotel will be on right

People travelling by plane, train, or bus are encouraged to arrive through
Dulles airport and Union Station respectively. We will go once to Union
station to pick people up. People who arrive at another time should take
the metro from within the station to West Falls Church metro station, where
they can be picked up.


MSA East Zone Conference Email Registration Form

Please fill out the following information for the MSA National East
zone Conference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email
me, at, or give me a call, at
(301) 937-4219, or 937-1168.

Muslim Students Association:_______________________________________
Your Name:_____________________________Your Age:___________________
Your Adress: ______________________________________________________
Your City: _______________________Your State: _______ Zip: ________
Your Email Adress: ________________________________________________
Have you attended the MSA National East Zone Conference before? Y N
Mode of Transportation: Car Fly Other (specify):______________
If Yes to flying, please send your flight information to the
Transportation Commitee - Mohammed Essam Abdullah, at
email :
Are you a Contact Person for your MSA? Yes No
If yes, what is your 'title' (Pres, Vice/pres, etc.)? ______________
Add your email to MSA-ORG Net connecting MSAs in North America? Y N

Please Return this form to:

Remember the deadline is quite soon!
If you want, you can charge the amount your credit card ahead of
time, by calling the MSA office on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Saturdays
from 10 am to 12 pm, you get to talk to either me or one of the
other nice comittee members just waiting for your call....
Jazakum Allahu Khairan, and we hope to see you at the conference!!!

MSA Conference Committee

assalamu alaikjum,

To contact Br. Muhammed Essam Abdullah, please contact him at:

Directions for those arriving mass transportation:

Whoever is arriving by plane, bus, or train should please follow the
directions below. Each station has a pick-up location designated below.
The pick up times will be announced by March 25. Whoever arrives at one
of the following venues should just proceed to the pick-up locations and
wait for an MSA representative to arrive. If you are not sure of anything
once you arrive please CALL the hotel and ask for a representative from
the conference.

Dulles airport:
outside of United Airlines on the top floor

National airport:
at the rent-a-car or shuttle location

Union station:
at the main gate

West Falls Church metro:
at the pick-up, or "kiss and ride", spot

The following people are confirmed to speaker at the MSA National East
Zone Confernece

Br. Abdullah Adhami Queens,NY
Br. Nader Salah Falls Church,VA
Sh. Taha Jabir Alawani, president of North America Fiqh council and SISS.
Br. Nihad Awad, president of CAIR
Br. Abdul Rehman Amoudi, president of AMC
representative from American Open Universiry ((AOU)
Br. Ali Tamimi Washington DC


Farhan Syed
MSA National East Zone Representativ

P.S. All questions, comments, and concerns are TO BE DIRECTED at:
Br. Farhan Syed
Br. Asad Ba-Yunus

Huma Ahmad
_| When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed Close (to them)__|_
___ I listen to the prayer of every Suppliant when he calleth on Me: __|___
__| Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: __|_
____|____|____ That they may walk In the right way."__Quran 2:186__|___|___


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