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David Amicus

Jan 14, 2016, 6:10:06 PM1/14/16
In another thread I mentioned a kebab shop owner. Besides food he also sold tobacco and tobacco products. He had some very nice "exotic" pipes. Btw I don't smoke.

Are there any Islamic sects who frown upon or forbid the use of tobacco.

Yusuf B Gursey

Jan 15, 2016, 7:50:02 AM1/15/16
Obviously it is not explicitly forbidden in the early sources.

Not "sects" but there are some opinions that have forbidden it
and there have been occasional attempts to enforce it.

When asked about what "khamr" (wine) is Umar is reported to have
said that it is made from grapes, dates, and whole lot of
other substances and added: "whatever covers (kha:mara) the mind".
So all other stimulants or relaxing substances have come to be
include by some, even coffee. As I said before khami:r "leaven"
(for bread) also comes from the same root so in my opinion the root
for wine refers to fermentation, since it occurs in oxygen poor
environments, which was obtained by covering. The lexicographers
listed only dates and grapes for making wine.

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