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osho anand

Jun 1, 2004, 11:50:13 PM6/1/04
People who are interested to more about the program please call me @
914 457 3348 or email me @

OSHO Anand ( Ramesh N Joshi)

You will be delighted to know that, in essence, you are a drop of the
Ocean of the Divine, whence it separated so long ago, and totally
forgotten the Divine Origin. All your woes and miseries are due to
this separation, and will end only when you return to your original
home and merge back in the "Divine Ocean". That ocean, your real home
with full of bliss, is within you and cannot be realized anywhere
outside !

Your physical eyes can wonder the whole earth, but it cannot see the
Godliness within you. Your physical ear can hear the best available
music,but it cannot hear the Divine Melody.

The source of all happiness is the Divinity, the Godliness, which can
be discovered with in you by becoming a seeker and by receiving
guidance from an adept master. You will not only be able to enjoy the
Divine Melody within you, but also be able to dissolve in it. Unless
you have discovered it, you have not fulfilled your destiny. Let me
precisely say that until you have attained it, you have simply wasted
your time.

Give us an opportunity to share with you what we have known from our
masters [CLICK FOR MORE]. and found from our intensive quest. Let us
guide you to the source of eternal bliss and peace that lies within
you. Let us show you your way to ultimate freedom and what you have
been searching for since time immemorial.

You are welcome to join in one of our programmes [CLICK FOR MORE]. We
look forward to be able to show you the source of eternal treasure of
which you are the legitimate owner.

Aacharyashree Osho Maitreya
International ProgrammeLeading Aacharya

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