Anyone know the International Gita Society?

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May 21, 2004, 1:01:31 AM5/21/04

I have been in contact with the International Gita Society (also known
as Gita International and the American Gita Society). They provide
free Bhagavad Gitas (in paperback without commentary - translation by
Dr. Ramananda Prasad) to those who request them (which I have gotten)
as well as sell hardback versions with commentaries (mostly through
Amazon and Barnes and Nobles). They also offer free Gita
correspondance courses. They present themselves as nonsectarian and I
have been impressed so far with them. I'm just wondering if anyone
else is familiar with them and has any other background, reputation,
or other information about them. I'll put their websites below.



May 26, 2004, 1:35:55 AM5/26/04
to (Dave) wrote in message news:<c8k2fb$5p8$>...

Hare krishna,David.

If you go to the sites like gita society,there are negative comments
given by some people.I have not read his gita,but I suspect it's
Many gitas have been written,with a differnt interpretation,but I
suggest you read Bhagavad Gita as it is by Srila Prabhupadawho is a
pure devotee of the Lord.Only He could establish 108 centres in 10

visit or



Jun 10, 2004, 10:29:23 AM6/10/04
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one thing the BHAGAVAD GITA says is not to be judgemental about
anything isnt that right. How can a person who hasnt even read a book
come to a judgement about it. Prabhupada interpreted the book as well
and you cant base a persons devotion by the number or international
centers he has estalished. Besides i feel that is some society really
cares for the world to know something so great as the BHAGAVAD GITA
then sending it free of cost is the best thing they could have done.
ISKCON has as you say 108 centres in 10 years do you think its a
healthy growth or a fast growth. Remember any thing that goes up fast
also comes down fast. Besides doesnt it have enough funds to do the
services like the site mentioned in the beginning.

In conclusion i would just say. The pure form of THE GITA is difficult
to understand so you have to read interpretations. Just that no
interpretation is totally wrong. It does have the limitation that it
will always be based on what one thinks. But the point here is that
its best to read all kinds of books or interpretations and then use
your own judgement.

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