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David Taylor

Mar 28, 2004, 1:15:54 PM3/28/04
i'm one of those people that can't visualize when awake. I close my
eyes and just see black. I can imagine stuff but not see it.
When I dream I get the whole deal. moving colour pictures with sound.

So there are 2 things i'm working on. Lucid dreaming and getting my
third eye to work when i'm awake.
Aynhow, i don't really intend to discuss that. That was just an intro.

I've had an odd experience when trying to messing with my third eye.

I stood relaxed in the bath room, pointed my finger at that point
between my eyebrows. And felt the buzzy feeling. It was uncomfortable,
but i held it.
Then, I closed my eyes, and soon I started seeing green. I never
thought of green, but green just appeared. I thought of other
colours, but that's all I saw, it was quite intense, and in my whole
field of view. I removed my finger from my forehead and opened my
eyes and all was as it should be.
Later that day, I was writing on a sheet of paper with a biro with a
yellow body (blue nib). And I saw a yellow splodge on the paper. It
looked suspiciously non-physical, like light. It just appeared, not by
my bidding.
I then thought "yellow" and the yellow spread and covered the white
sheet of paper, not smoothly though. It was probably to do with a
weird focus i may have had, rather than thought. I tried thinking of
other colours but didn't get any. It was nothing like the intense
green in my field of view. As this was with my eyes open, and not
intense. It was like a different thing altogether. The green was a
pure strong green, with my eyes closed. The yellow was seen with my
eyes open, completely unexpected, it was weak not intense, and not
smooth, and only existed on the sheet of paper where my eyes were
focussed weirdly.

Could somebody tell me what happened there?!
I really want to visualise.

note: I tried tiger balm but my forehead didn't like it, it got
irritated and went a bit red. So I washed it off.

Mar 28, 2004, 2:31:55 PM3/28/04

I also am not much of a visualizer, but instead feel much more. My advice
is not to worry too much about visualization because you may miss out
on your experiences that you are having by wanting to have them be
a certain way.

One very good exercise I know for the third eye is as follows:

Take a small ball of aluminum foil and poke a needle and thread through it

Hang the thread so that the ball of aluminum foil is about a 18 inches in front
of the brow.

Look at the ball with your eyes and feel that area with your brow.
Close your eyes and visualize that area and the ball in your mind.
After a few minutes open your eyes and see how your vision relates
to the actual ball that is there.

Continue to focus on that point, and just allow things to happen as they
do. I would recommend that you don't get too involved with what happens
as you practice, because you could potentially get caught up with trying
to experience a certain thing and forget about the overall path.

Well good luck!

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