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Timothy Sutter

Mar 29, 2010, 6:41:49 PM3/29/10
# in walking towards God, there are intricacies
# that open up that will probably make you think
# that what you thought you saw at first which
# was so profound is really really profound.

just, in a very real sense,
dear old Jesus is very much
like this from both directions.

as Son of God,
he is the fullness
of Deity dwelling bodily,
the perfect encapsulation of
the unspeakable riches of God,

and as Son of Man,
the human being is
brought fully in line
with that Divine nature.

in a sense, Son of God is forever teaching
and leading Son of Man in to Life and
a commanding Faith.

and so, Son of Man speaks to Son of God
and Son of God speaks to Son of Man in
the person of Jesus, and no conflicted
turmoil is present, even to the point
of accepting an ultimate suffering that
Son of Man, fully aligned with Son of God,
need never have experienced, but a suffering
which Son of God could see clearly through
to it's ultimate conclusion in the Salvation
of the human race from certain anihilation.

thank you Jesus.

very much like -Word of God-
is a perfect encapsulation of
-Spirit of God-

'they' represent a perfect
matchup and overlay,

but it's not extremely difficult to
understand how -Word- and -Spirit-
are not THE same thing.

just for a second, think about our
old friend DNA and instruction sets
known as algorithms, and the idea of Template.

this is a -likeness-, not the actual
relationship of Word and Spirit itself,

anyway, if you look at DNA as the
algorithm which replicates itself,

and then you step back to -just-
the algorithm -without- the chemicals
which constitute that algorithm,

and say that the algorithm itself could
be memorized and known in thought aside
from it's physical representation in matter,

whereby, you use that memory of the Template
structure to fashion a physical representation
from material substance, then that material
substance becomes the exact physical
representation of a thing which
was held in memory.

just in -likeness- one could suggest
that 'Spirit' was -like- the idea of
the Template which was held in memory
and 'Word' was -like- the substance of
that same Template which itself is
a Template for further reproductions.

i am -not- saying that 'Word of God' is
a physical material substance, but only
that in -likeness- to the DNA Template
structure that one may draw such parallels.

what it would come down to
is something like this;

in likeness to Spirit and Word

we could say that the Template
itself -is- the memory of
the algorithm.

that is, Spirit and Word are inseparable
even if 'they' are -not- THE same thing.

that is, neither stands alone,

They are a Unity and

there is no opposition.

and so, if we were to say that 'Word of God'
was a perfect representation of 'Spirit of God'

we would also be saying that 'Spirit of God'
was composed of 'Word of God'

and so, just like 'them'

we would -never- suggest that;

'one was greater than the other'

for the very simple fact
that 'they' are ONE God.

and then, when you begin the
incorporation of the physical
material world into the ethereal
'supra-natural world'

it's nested

and Jesus Christ -is- the Cross

'Word of God' conceived by
'Spirit of God' in the material

more on this as it develops...

but remember, for a second, our dear
old friend Pythagoras who was of the
opinion that everything could be reduced
to a relationship of pure numbers, and also,
how the periodic table basically sees
the natural elements as just this,
a bunch of pure numbers.

just remember that for a second,

before you start to remembering
about how this "God" spoke the
material universe in to existance.

relatedness of objects

a bunch of numbers


"what is it like to eat apple pie?"

"well, it's a lot like eating
coconut cream pie only it
tastes like apples."

"what do apples taste like?"



anyway, so, 'Word of God' is a Being.
"the word of God" also called 'the bible'
is not a being, but a compilation of texts
most of which are directly attributable
to 'Word of God' the Being.

in what manner is this communication
made intelligible to human beings?

does reading "do not do murder"
place the Love of God into you?


before you speak to that,

just remember, God seems to 'trigger' things.

that is, God seems to employ triggering mechanisms.

like we mentioned before,

there was no 'metastable trigger'
to initiate the material universe
from whatever understanding of
'singularity' you feel
comfortable with.

that is, we pointed out that some
conscious personality -must- have
set things in motion.

God spoke, and things happened

all we're mentioning now is that
words trigger an infusion of the Spirit.

but even then, it's not just the words
all by themselves that bring the
Presence of God across
your threshhold.

but do just any words trigger the reaction?

does hearing "do not do murder"
place the Love of God into you?

what do you have to -hear-

what exactly is "hearing"

can you hear and not hear at the same time?

sure, it happens all the time, you can
hear someone speaking to you and not
understand a word of it.

you heard the noise but
didn't hear the meaning.

but we say that hearing
triggers the infusion of
the Presence of God
in your life.

it's almost as if, this triggering
is inherent in the Nature of God,
and in a strange way, The Spirit
spoke forth The Word and things be-came,
and now, The Word ushers The Spirit
in to the things that be-came.

but the Two are One

as an aside; the square root
of two cannot be reckoned as
a ratio of two pure numbers.

i don't know why i said that, but i did.

but that's funny for some reason,

because the distance measured out is finite.
the distance that spans the length between
two one unit sides of a right triangle is finite,

but you can only -know- that
distance to the precision of
your measuring instruments.

and so, one could suggest that the more
accurate your measuring instruments get,
the more precisely you know that finite distance.

and so also, just like David,
you don't come to some point and say;

"ok God, i'm cool now i don't need you any more"

while we are in the material,
it can be said that there can
always be refinements to be made,

out beyond the last appreciable decimal place.

where 3 may be a perfectly good rendering
for pi. and 3.14 is better, 3.1415926535897
is pretty good, but 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
is -not- precisely the True representation
of that particular relationship.

and so, we work on our recipes

and sometimes, we simply tell you that
there -is- such a thing as apple pie.

et cetera

# but the Two are One

so anyway;

if you find yourself in
a ceaseless state of 'prayer'

bringing -your- words in to
alignment with The Mind of Christ

then it's just like click-click-click

you are one Christ is one God is one

that is Truth

that God is One

that is Love

that God is One

that is Faith

that God is One

that is the activity of the Spirit

bringing things to be
by declarations in Faith

with the assurance of a good result
being the same as that certain knowledge
you have that when you release a stone
from your hand it will fall to the ground.


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