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Timothy Sutter

Mar 29, 2010, 5:58:11 PM3/29/10
when you hold a stone in your hand
you believe that when you release
it from your grasp, that it will
fall to the ground.

you may say to yourself, that
every time you have ever released
a stone from your grasp, it has
always fallen to the ground,

but as long as you hold the stone
in your hand, you have only that
belief that your memories of some
past event are a faithful representation
of the reality which has yet to come forth.

their is no -proof- that the stone will
fall to the ground other than your
confident assurance that some future
event will resemble all past events.

the fact comes into being as you
let go of the stone, and yet, you
feel you know for sure, that the
stone will fall each and every
time you let go of it.

the proof -happens- as you let go, but
you have never been disappointed and so,
you feel that you can never be disappointed.
and this becomes your unquestioned reality.

and that is the nature of the thing itself,

your descriptions of past events become
more precise to the point where you can
make relevant statements about future events.

when and if these future event predictions
are brought in to reality, you can then
maintain that your descriptions of past
events resemble the truth.

but each time, the -proof- is
in the letting go of the stone.

Faith is that confidant assurance that
you are going to be pleased and can be
likened to that certain knowledge you
have that when you release a stone
from your hand it will fall
to the ground.

this begins to describe the
activity of the Spirit
in your life.

and now, we would turn to the Truth of God
and begin to suggest that the good news of
God's own tranquility, resting upon your
shoulders, is a confident haven, in which
you may continually take refuge, and as
you see this blossoming and flourishing
in your own life, is also a realization
of the Truth of God as the description
of past present and future states
of unmeritted blessing.

this confident assurance cannot disappoint
you as each time you step out in faith you
are rewarded with the gladness that
accompanies God's own Presence.

So, your own personal description of
the reality of God becomes more precise
to that point where you can make confident
declarations about things that have not
yet ocurred as though they have
already taken place.

and faith meets Faith

you see peaceful Unity with God

you begin to know Love.

we suggest, without a doubt;
God knows when God sets out to do
a fine work, God will be pleased.

we suggest that God knew that man
would not bring forth a pleasing
scent when left to his own devices,

it becomes important that -we-
see that just as God sees that.

God can only begin that work in
you when you offer up this sort of
conscious understanding of God as
the only real source of
all things good.

God knows full well that you will be
a child of God after God's own heart
in whom God is very well pleased
when God places that heart within you.

and this is the sort of 'prayer' that
rises to God as a "sweet smelling inscence."
not a 'prayer' which would only serve your
covetous desire but a primary acknowledgement
of your desire to see God as God in you.

in this way the pleasant nature
will land on your shoulders and
you will see peace.

it's that simple.

your assurance that you are going
to be pleased is the same as that
certain knowledge you have that
when you release a stone from
your hand it will fall
to the ground.

this begins to describe the
activity of the Spirit
in your life.

there's a bunch of spirits
gathered around a small stone.

ok, so, they're all
just looking at a stone.

and God begins to speak,

God says;

"look at that stone, look at how it just
sits there and never moves unless some
other force comes along and moves it.

we all see how the water falls over
the cliff and the apple falls from
a tree and comes to rest nearer
the center of the earth.

that stone will not move from its rest"

and then God pipes up further;

"now watch as we bring about the being,
made of that same stuff as the stone and
the water and the apple, that can sit down,
stand up, walk itself across the room and
then sit back down all under its own volition."

and the spirits say;

"nah, you're kidding, a rock
that moves itself across
the pasture?

God is having us on"

and God says;

"no, here, watch"

and this blob of earth just gets
up and walks across the pasture
and sits down next to the
babbling brook.

and the spirits are dumbfounded.

"wow, a stone that motivates itself;

how utterly fascinating and nearly incredible,

what an awesome God"


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