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Timothy Sutter

Mar 29, 2010, 6:01:01 PM3/29/10
in 'circumcizing' the human heart,
God uses this substantive Faith,
to bring about the agreement necessary
to, then, sweep away the consciousness
of shortfall and renew renew your mind
in the image of Life.

so, basically, you get on a mission,
to identify 'dead works' and bring this
recognition to the dinner table with you
and your Savior; when the check arrives,
go ahead and eat it, and the currency
of your Faith will unlatch the bonds,
and set you free.

in time, what seemed big will become small,
and underlying subtleties will become apparent,
which you, too, will deal with in an ongoing basis
as you agree more and more, that Christ is always correct,
and 'dead works' can be addressed and dispelled
and Life and the budding fruits of the Spirit
increase to your Life,

and aspects that may have bothered you
will seem as if they never were,

and the Light of Life,
will show in your heart.

it's really that simple, and it's not a -secret-.
it's not some trade secret that i -have to-
protect or disguise in some manner.

it simply cannot -be- confounded
nor appropriated nor misappropriated.

this Faith -is- =substance= and
this =substance= is derived of God.

if it is 'hidden' in some way,
it is in the fact that the major
working component -is- God,
and God -is- that 'purity of essence'
that interacts with the material nature,
through 'conscious design patterns'
and not 'machanical interference patterns'

so, any hiddenness is a function
of the disparity bewteen 'pure essence'
and 'material construct'

simply put, there is no direct interference
bewteen God's 'pure essence' and
the material construction.

and while God's 'pure essence' can manifest
dynamics which sway the material construct,

the material construct is powerless
to sway God's 'pure essence'

=it= -cannot- latch on to
a composition =it=
-cannot- 'know'

and so =it= cannot -see- God,

and yet God, can summon a declarative pattern
which manifests the medium which can interfere with
the material construct, and whose Presence
is noted in the effect,

as if a stream of events were transpiring in your midst,
and yet, show no effect in your circumstance
until and unless, the medium taps in to you,
you receive and germination takes hold,
and your Life is begun.


and yes, my God is YHWH

maybe someday, we'll look in to the prospect
of moving mountains with this Faith.

it may come in handy someday...


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