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Timothy Sutter

Mar 29, 2010, 6:44:17 PM3/29/10
Mercy does not reside within
the material nature, but YHWH
can be every bit as strict and
harsh as an unforgiving
material nature.

as Love, YHWH is the only
True source of Mercy, but
in the demand for Justice
there is no wavering.

matter knows no forgiveness.
you can not reason with matter.
when you fall from a great height,
your bones will be crushed.

and without ever having fallen,
you know with a surety that
to walk off a high place,
you risk certain death,
and so, you refrain.

if you placed this much certainty
in the words of your God, you would
tread lightly about the serpent's tail.

but your God is more sure than
a nickel plated revolver, and
not one to be trifled with.

it seems harsh, but you forget where you are,

the material nature can not forgive,
it is not possible for the material nature
to forgive, forgiveness does not reside within
the material nature, mercy does not live there.

also, no injustice nor ill manner
reside within YHWH, but all manners
of YHWH are perfect towards Life.

in fact, a split weight is abhorent to YHWH.

you may not see your bones being crushed,
in an instant, under the weight of your
own unequal balances, your own merciless
detachment from Love, but you do gather
in the deadly stain and none can remedy.

you do see your lives being torn from you.

you do see your vital force ebbing away.

you walk in a manner in which YHWH can not
look upon nor take part, and thereby, you
evict Life from your premises.

you invite sickness and every
ill manner upon yourselves.

you do forsake that fountain of Living Waters

and you do, make attempts at fashioning
counterfeits which hold no water at all.

and Mercy does not dwell in your midst.

not even a token.

so, what hope is there?

same as ever,
your hope resides within
the very Mercy which is YHWH.

YHWH swallowed whole that harsh
and cruel reward that the human
race has amassed for itself.

the material nature has no mercy
and has no forgiveness, and as such
the entire human race may as well
be anihilate.

but YHWH, your Creator, your firmness,
your steady and unmovable anchor, took
the full brunt of an unforgiving nature
in a cup filled with blood, drank it down
to the dregs, and completed your destiny.

and in an act of untold kindness,

offers you Mercy.

accept this life.

so, you accept God's Mercy, so what?

first, recognize that this mercy is not
suggesting that you pursue the manner
that would lead to death while expecting
God to perpetuate your life from within
this miserable state.

this mercy is letting you see that
YHWH is Life and the source of all
things good, and then leading you
by the hand in to a fullness that
is beyond your ability to recognize
and realize for yourself.

God is not picking at every little detail
that distances you from God, and suggesting
that this separation can never be overcome.

yes, there is a distinction

you are not God but you may become like God.

so now, how do you seek this good for
yourself while simultaneously rooting
out your self centered want?

how do you seek to be like God without
remaining exactly like who you already are?
spiralling in to the abyss.

God will accomplish a thing for you,
and the only way you can fully appreciate
this is by you doing something for God.

the goal is that you lack nothing and
attain that full stature of God in you,

and the full stature of God is not a Being
who makes perpetual requests for favors but
One who perpetually seeks the Good for "the other"

you want to learn how
to dance on the head
of a pin.

and so, back to rudiments for a moment;

as you would see progression,
you would seem to get something
for something, something from God
in return for something from you,

but the something that you offer up to God
for that something in return from God, is
something that God gave you in the first
place, and further blessing will be
predicated upon your rightly accepting
and administering a previous blessing.

"well, i 'merited' some good thing
by virtue of my proper and useful
acceptance of some thing that i
could never have merited."

yeah, sure, fine.

you made a progression,


oops, now you slipped back under the water.

just remember, even when
you almost start to forget,

God is

and you do not proceed towards praise
from human beings, even yourself.

the way God praises you is by laying
another new unmerited blessing upon you
which draws you ever closer to God's
own personal identification.

God sees you in appreciation of God's
benevolence and mercy, in thanksgiving
and praise of God, and steps closer to you
with a furtherance of that understanding
of which you could never gain access by
your desire to find out.

this is your substance.

# this mercy is letting you see that
# YHWH is Life and the source of all
# things good, and then leading you
# by the hand in to a fullness that
# is beyond your ability to recognize
# and realize for yourself.
# God is not picking at every little detail
# that distances you from God, and suggesting
# that this separation can never be overcome.

now you get in to all these bits about
how God knows the heart and mind of the
human beings and you cannot know the
hearts and minds of each other.

human beings are not able to empathize
in a direct manner with each other.

you get this problem set up whereby
you only can know yourself and then
you only can use that measuring wand
to judge everyone else but even your
self knowledge tends towards an
incomplete understanding.

and situations like these arise;

you pick at shortfall in everyone else
that you fail to see in your own self.

obvious blindness.

no mercy

you imagine that everyone else has
the same shortfall or trouble that
you presently experience, and you let
yourself off the hook and even seek
to magnify that sense of shortfall
in other people so you can feel more
justified in letting yourself
off the hook.

and then, when that sense of your shortfall
is firmly implanted within other people, you
go back to judging them for carrying out a
thing which you consider to be a wrong in
everyone else except your own self.

selective vision; you see what
you want to see and not what
you don't want to see, and you
don't know what you want to see,
still resembles blindness.

no mercy

you damn yourself in shortfall and
believe that you are uniquely and
tragically flawed, essentially removing
all possibility of empathic understanding
of anyone else, because you have assigned
yourself as un-like anyone else in your
own special shortfall.

total internal reflection.
in this case, seems like
another form of blindness.

no mercy

there may be more such
situations but we'll
stop at these.

so, if these are working in some
manner within the lives of all
human beings, the overall effect
can be nothing but damaging.

it cannot, yet, even be relevant to suggest
that people treat other people the way
they would like to be treated themselves
when they are not even able to recognize
how they would like to be treated.

the fact, is, that you do, already,
treat other people in the very
manner that you treat your self.

and you have no mercy on yourselves,
until you do but you don't and you are
trapped in this quagmire where you can
show youself a false sense of mercy at
the cost of condemning other people
for your own special offense.

a quilting bee of patchwork justifications.

so, God -tells- you that such
a thing as mercy is possible.

and, at first, that's all you have to go on.

mercy exists.

long story short,

as God's cleanses your consciousness
of separatory shortfall, you can begin
to see other people in that same light.

now God is showing you mercy, and you
can add that to your idea that something
such as mercy may exist.

now you see that mercy does exist.

and with an increase in mercy,

...peace walks in as well.

real peace, not a bellicose cry for a
cessation of open hostilities so you
can go right back in to condemnation.

and like charity, which begins
in the household of God, the
apple of your peace can
feed a multitude.

walk in that.



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