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Jun 21, 2014, 1:08:34 AM6/21/14
"Tom Potter" <> wrote:
The kikeophile Dreck, "Koba the Dread" who is a Dreidel that
posts as "Cyril of Alexandria" aka "Klaus Schadenfreude" aka
"Typee" aka "La fanciulla del West" and under many other
handles of <> plagiarized, cited & quoted
from the work of Dr. Duke from where the Dreck cutNpasted:
<snip 600 of Dreck's 800 lines of philo-semitism>
The "Khazar theory" holds that most Ashkenazim Jews are not
Semitic, but are the descendants of the Khazar people, a Central
Asiatic tribe who allegedly converted to Judaism in the 9th Century
AD. It is claimed that these newly-minted Jews then migrated into
what is now Russia, Eastern, Western and Northern Europe.
A June 2010 study "Abraham's children in the genome era" says:
Major Jewish diaspora populations comprise distinct genetic clusters
with shared Middle Eastern ancestry refuted the idea of large-scale
genetic contributions of Central and Eastern European and Slavic
populations to the formation of Ashkenazi Jewry.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
For Potter to consider::
These "distinct genetic clusters" mean that anybody, no matter what
race/origin, can be designated to be jewish, as long as he/she has
money and contributes to the Zionist cause.
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
A genome-wide analysis of 7 Jewish groups, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian,
Italian, Turkish, Greek, and Ashkenazim, demonstrated a variable
degrees of European and North African admixture. DNA Studies find
that Ashkenazim Jews have 30% European Admixture. Shlomo Sand
said that Jews have no common origin but are a miscellany of people
in Europe and Central Asia who converted to Judaism at various times.
"Jewish communities from Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus,
Ethiopian, Yemeni Jews & in India are all genetically much closer to
their host populations,"
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars YES! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
the "Khazars have been vanquished and their remains have yet
to be sequenced. . ."-- in other words there is no record of what
exactly Khazar DNA might have been, that made them Jews.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
For Jewish ethnicity and that Jews are not race, or a genetically
similar people, the largest Jewish DNA data set ever yet assembled
(by 2013) explained that Ashkenazi Jews share the greatest genetic
ancestry with other NON-Jewish populations from Europe and the
Middle East.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars YES! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
"Jews as a race" is exactly the same conclusion that was reached
by German National Socialist (Nazi) anthropologists and other
experts who studied race science in the United States.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
Jewish Supremacist behavior has remained constant throughout
the millennia -- from biblical times right through to the present day.
The elite of the Jews, the Pharisees, were the biggest enemies of
Christ and arranged for his crucifixion, and they led the persecution
of Christians which has continued through both Jewish Bolshevism
(executing the Holomodor in which the NKDW Jews murdered 8
million Chrstians in 1933), and they go on with their the cultural
assault in the Zio global media to the current day.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars YES! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
The books of Jewish law, the Talmud, portrays Jesus being boiled
in human excrement--"forever"!, The Talmud is promoting Jewish
extremist supremacism & hatred against all non-Jews, as expampled
by ultra racist Jew, NY Rabbi Ovadia Josef who said in his Oct 2010
sermon: "Gentiles are donkeys, created by God. The sole purpose
of non-Jews is to serve Jews". "Gentiles serve a divine purpose:
They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We Jews will sit like an
effendi, a noble lord, and eat. That is why Gentiles were created."
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
Leading Jews have always defined themselves as much more than
a religion but as people of special genealogy, and expressed the
ultimate supremacism that God has chosen them above all others.
Ovadia recently died and had the largest funeral in the history of Israel.
This reflect a the fact that Israel uses DNA tests to check if potential
immigrants to that country are Jewish or not.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
Dr. David Duke will no longer endorse a false theory fostered upon
Christians by Jewish communists who seek to lessen our understanding
of the core threat of Jewish racism. The "Khazar Theory" is a Tactic
to Disguise Jewish Supremacist Racism. This is a Jewish Supremacist
tactic: They disguise Jewish racism through religious dogma, rather
than ADMITTING ethnic nationalism & Jewish tribalism.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars YES! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
It matters not if a person believes in the Jewish God or not--the only
thing that counts is if one is of Jewish lineage, or Jewish descent.
Atheist? No problem as long as you are of the tribe. The tactic of
claiming that Judaism is simply a religion is an effective defensive
strategy. Jewish Supremacists simply say that they are a "religion"
like any other, rather than an ethnic group, when in fact "it is a Jew's
way of life & & his culture that is masquerading as a religion" acc.
to the eminent Jewish scholar Harold Wallace Rosenthal who said
in his epic <>
" Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer. We are
the Devil's chosen people.
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars NO! ]
Dreck <>, the Dreidel, continued & wrote:
The modern, ultra-racist, supremacist ideology of Judaism & Zionism,
was launched, and is driven by Communist Jews, like communist
Party member Arthur Koestler, Eran Elhaik; and Shlomo Sand,
member of the Union of Israeli Communist Youth. Other writers
repeated that & took the leading Jewish roles in International
Russian Bolshevik Communism and in many other subversive
-------------------------- [ Dreck says: Khazars do NOT matter! ]
Potter wrote:
Thanks to my pal "Koba the Dread" for calling attention to the fact
that the Khazar Gang aggressively and systematically gang bangs
and demonizes ANYONE who calls attention to their affect on
society, be they Mel Gibson, David Duke, Jimmy Carter, Henry
Ford, Susan Rice, Jesus, etc.
Tom Potter
hanson wrote:
While your pal, the Dreck's, flip-flopping is typical Jewish,
Potter, consider that US kike Paul Wolfowitz was already
on TV strongly loud-mouthing that the US, who has really no
dog in the fight, to go back to Iraq and bomb the hell out of the
Sunni-Arabs, even after kike Wolfowitz was the chief architect
of the Neo-cons, in 2001+, who goaded the goy-idiot GW Bush
into starting the 20003 Gulfwar 2, for the sole benefit of the Zios.
All in all, Potter, you and your pal, the Dreck, regurgitate old news.
What is surprising though is that NOBODY of and in the three
Abrahamic sects, (Jews, Christians & Muslims), including the
Atheists as #4, ever bring up the issue and ask the question:

"why is it that this toxic Monotheistic religion that enslaves some
2/3rds of humankind is such a persistent and strongly held belief?"
What is in it for these sick bastards to turn their sons into mindless
mass murderers for the last 2 thousand years?? etc... etc...
Let me knew whether you have a cogent answerer for that, in the
light of that
.... == Nobody is born religious ==
=== Religion is an acquired mental disease ==
== Religion is a tool used by the few to fuck the many ==

Tom Potter

Jun 27, 2014, 4:48:37 PM6/27/14

"hanson" <> wrote in message
As my pal "Koba the Dread" suggests
"Jews" seem to have formed a criminal gang
centered about a religion,
much as the Mafia was a gang
centered about Catholicism.

A reading of history, including the Torah,
indicates that Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism,
was from Mesopotamia and traveled about the middle east
pimping his wife Sarah.

After he was kicked out of Phoenicia and Egypt
for giving leaders VD and making many women barren,

he reluctantly went back to Israel with lots of money
and slaves he had bought with the pimping money.

[Gen 20:18
"For the LORD had caused infertility to strike every woman
in the household of Abimelech
because he took Sarah, Abraham's wife."]

He seems to have regretted infecting Egyptians, Philistines, etc.
with VD, and in atonement mutilated his penis
and those of his slaves and family,
and he rejected the evils of Sodom and Gomorrah.

[Gen 17:23 Abraham took his son Ishmael and every male in his household
(whether born in his house or bought with money and circumcised them.]

Abraham was familiar with the Code of Hammurabi
and passed that code and monotheism,
that he became familiar with in Egypt,
along to his slaves and family,
and this and circumcism became the basis of Judaism.

It is interesting to see
that although Judaism was founded
because Abraham's rejected allowing sex
to control his morality and rationality,
many modern Jews have done a 180.

Tom Potter

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