a fundamental particle

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Timothy Sutter

Mar 29, 2010, 5:51:53 PM3/29/10
a fundamental particle is accompanied by and
encased in an -intrinsic- spacial void which
buffers it's intrusion by any other partical
which prevents such a particle
from being further reduced,

a fundamental irreducible partical

so, two dots screaming towards each other

can -not- crash because of these -intrinsic-
spacial voids which tends to push each other
'out of the way,' as it were,but, there are
levels of spacial energetics much like the
energy levels of the 'hydrogenlike'
electron energy states.

and when and if these spacial void levels
are energetically favorable, you get
mixing of spacial regions which allow
a 'coagulation' of sorts and the
formation of the larger, so called 'atoms'

but these were already set at time of manufacturing.

there's a bunch of other stuff

like the concious awareness of
the supra-universal intender

-who- is able to -direct- the
apparent motivity of such

seemingly massless particals -by- a -real-
form of psychokinetic interactivities.

and that's what the governors protect
until such time as we can be fully trusted
to move mountains by force of will.

only the human being is already blessed with trust.

but our eyesight can still get in the way

and block us from our useful comprehensibility.

these little fish sleep in a pool until
they are interactivated by conscious awareness
which acts upon them and brings them into being
inasmuch as they were unrecognizable as
being until they were motivated to swim.

which is the other wierd thing;

ask, "who knew 'they' were "there""

who could possibly know things that
have no being as they sleep were anywhere
when no spacial orientation had yet
been given real formulation?

the One who -can- see things that
"be not as though they be"

and no thing else.

no other being could have known.

'they' weren't even there until acted
upon by the Knowing Being of all Creativity.

very strange,

when asleep,

they do not exist in a real sense,

but when activated by conscious intent,

they appear.

and the Rest is future history

too many strange things...

God knows what Rest is

what would you call a massless object

that is not in motion?

'nothing' ??

right, -you- would call that 'nothing'

but it really may be some thing,

only most any observer would have

no means to detect it

it has no mass

it has no motion

it may as well not be there at all

and yet, it is

it gains these things;

mass and motion

when the time is right

well, that was not entirely correct

inasmuch as we have no time to speak of

as long as 'it' has no mass and no motion.

"what do yo mean massless?"

exactly that,

it matters little if 'it' has any substance

what matters is that 'mass' is a comparitive attribute.

and as long as 'it' is =completely= 'at rest'

there is no possible comparison.

and so, the curtain is down.

but when the still small voices whisper in Unison;

"Be Light"
"Be Light"


there IS Light

of course, IT always was

only only THEY could know IT

that's where the 'divine power' resides.

way more than simply watts.

politics has no place by comparison.


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