Gospel Or The World

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Jan 29, 2010, 3:11:38 PM1/29/10

When Jesus came on earth,
most Jewish religious leaders
just could not believe that Jesus,
rather than their religious system
that had stood for over 1500 years,
was right, and he alone our Salvation.

Almost 1500 years later,
most Catholic religious leaders
just could not believe that Christ
had shown Luther the real Gospel,
and that their church and its tradition
and its theologians and interpretations
were wrong, but that the Gospel is right
and alone shows the way for our Salvation.

Today almost 500 years later,
the thousands of denominations
just cannot believe that the Gospel
that they have disregarded as out-dated,
or that has been clouded up by the original few,
could possibly be the only Gospel the saves anyone,
rather than their false "gospel" of surrender
that is so popular and that saves no one at all.

But the truth is that the Reformation Gospel is right,
as it was the moment that Christ showed it to Luther,
and that it was clear, before it was clouded up
by Catholic carryovers,
such as, infant baptism,
and glorification of baptism and Communion
as though means of grace,
and glorification of repentance
as though needed before justification.

The Gospel is right,
and all that opposes the Gospel is wrong:
whether it be the whole world,
or the thousands of denominations
and their theologians and their seminaries,
and their ministers and their churches.
In the end, the Gospel will stand,
and the world will not.


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