Escaping The Prisons

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Jan 21, 2010, 7:14:30 PM1/21/10

The deceptions of this world
are prisons that hold people,
and they cannot come out
unless Christ brings them out.
Those deceptions hold captives
in such a way that the people
do not know that they are
in a prison, but rather they
suppose that they are saved
and that they are not deceived.

The counterfeit "gospels"
use much of the terminology
of the real Gospel, and are
promoted by denominations,
churches, and ministries that
their people would never
suppose are part of deception.
And even those denominations
that once knew the real Gospel
have so clouded it up that people
just trust in their own so-called
"righteousness" anyway.

Anyone who supposes that
they are saved by any way
other than trusting Christ to be
their Righteous Substitute for
salvation, so that he imputes
his own righteousness to them,
should begin to become familiar
with the Scriptural Gospel that
Christ gave when he enabled
the Protestant Reformation:
that Gospel (the real Gospel)
is posted at my website (front)
along with numerous articles
that show why that Gospel
is hardly heard today.


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