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How Christ Saves Us

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Jan 16, 2010, 3:51:46 PM1/16/10

The real Gospel tells about how Christ saves us:
Christ imputes to us his own righteousness
when he gives us faith to trust him
to be our Righteous Substitute
who lived and died for us and rose again.
Anyone unfamiliar with
the imputed righteousness of Christ,
will find many articles at my website
about that, and also will find
there the real Gospel,
the Scriptural Gospel of the Reformation.

Those who realize that salvation
is only by faith alone in Christ alone,
but who are trusting in part
in their repentance, or baptism,
or endurance, or in anything else
other than Christ, will find articles
at my website about that also.

Those who suppose that they
are "saved", or that the "gospel"
of their denomination is correct,
because they have experienced
"a Spirit baptism", should realize
that is claimed in all denominations,
including the many that have
Charismatics: yet there are
many different "gospels" among
those denominations, and some
"gospels" do not agree
with others, and some are
even opposite some others.

The real Gospel does not change,
and is not the "salvation" by
surrender that is so popular today
but that saves no one at all.
Everyone needs to make sure
that the gospel that they believe,
is the real Scriptural Gospel
that Christ gave to enable
the Protestant Reformation,
rather than a clouded up version
that makes it difficult to place
all trust for salvation on Christ alone,
or a false "gospel" that trusts
in our own so-called "righteousness".


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