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The Saved People

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Jan 14, 2010, 11:01:04 AM1/14/10

Some denominations claim that they
are the denomination of the saved,
and that the others are not.
Others claim they are one of the group
of the denominations of the saved,
and that the others are not.
Some denominations claim that
everyone is saved.
But even ministers in the denominations
that claim to be of those saved,
generally claim that only some of their
people are really saved and that the rest
are not saved at all.
And the way that they generally suppose
who the saved are, are those who are
doing what their church says they should.

But the truth is,
the thousands of denominations have
no idea what the real Gospel is, and
those few that once did, clouded it
up so much that people just trust
in their own so-called "righteousness"
anyway, and so there is no denomination
of the saved, not even close.

But the Lord Jesus always has a saved
remnant, and today is no different:
A few million scattered among
the hundreds of millions in
the thousands of denominations
and around the world, people that
have been reached by Christ despite
the Gospel being clouded up,
and despite the popular false "gospel"
claiming to be the Gospel of grace,
and claiming to be faith alone in
Christ alone, though it is neither,
and saves no one at all.

But the real Gospel is posted at
my website along with numerous
articles about what has happened
to the real Scriptural Gospel that
Christ gave to enable the Protestant
Reformation, and how it happened:
one such article specifically about
that is "Deviation From The Gospel".
Some other articles are specifically
about the saved remnant.


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Jan 15, 2010, 5:40:43 PM1/15/10
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The foregoing reminds me of -- and perhaps IS -- an advertisement for
a sect that grew out of one that was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong
and had a schism about the time of the leadership of his son, Garner
Ted Armstrong. I heard HWA on the radio [IIRC his program was called
"The World Tomorrow"] from time to time in the 1960's but he never
struck me as one who had any more insight into the "Real Scriptural
Gospel" or whatever he called it, than anyone else.

Peter Nyikos

G. M. Patton

Jan 26, 2010, 9:35:56 PM1/26/10
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I like the idea that God saves, not only people, but also some other
animals (beast). (See Psalm 36).

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