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Jan 6, 2010, 9:55:57 AM1/6/10
I have struggled greatly of late in my life, as I have alluded to here. I
lost the greatest love of my life in 2007 from lung cancer.

I greived greatly, nearly dying from grief as my heart gave out and I
required a quad-ruple by-pass, but over came and accepted the loss in this

I searched and found a great person to love and continue my journey through
life with and have married her. She is so full of love and forgivness in her
heart! A person of such great compassion that I deeply feared I would never

I have as of today sent an email to the US NSA as seen below...

" Sometime near or after January 2008, I sent a letter and my member card
to the US NSA. In the letter I wrote that I was going to act in a manner
whereby my local friends would be required to prohibit me from
Administrative activities and I loved them too much to put them through the
I was (contemplating) and have married without consent from a parent. At
no time did I declare myself not a believer in Baha'u'llah being the newest
Manifestation from God.
I have spoken to others that say I should ask for my card back, with the
knowledge that I will have no Administrative privledges. But that I am and
should still consider myself as a believer in God through Baha'u'llah, which
I do.
I'm not perfect and never will be. I will always struggle with some of
the teachings that pertain to this worldly existence.
May I have my card returned?"

Michael Willsey


Jan 6, 2010, 11:25:02 AM1/6/10
That's lovely, Michael. Well done.

But are you sure you need to lose your administrative rights? Have
you explored with anyone the passage I quoted about instances where
parental consent is not required? It really did seem to be the sort
of reasons that you have for not asking.

Here is a circumstance where parental consent isn't required, and it
seems to be what you said about your situation:

"The only circumstances under which parental consent for Bahá'í
marriage is not required are the following:

2. If the parent has absented himself to the degree that he can be
adjudged legally dead.
(Lights of Guidance, p. 371)

Only you can say if this is true or not, but from what you said it
seems that this is the case.

All best wishes,



Jan 6, 2010, 2:46:39 PM1/6/10

"Suzanne" <> wrote in message

All best wishes,


I've read Lights of Guidance through three times, I sat down with a Frien
that I trusted as far as knowledge of the faith and it was clear
Administrative priledges would be revoked.

My biological father is alive and I know his where abouts. I made three
contacts through life to get him to contact us (his only two daughters an
his only great grandchildren, my grandchildren) but he refused. It is cle
he has given up any parental love and concern. I believe he is a sociopat
of some degree. I spoke to my half-brother and he said that after living
with him for 18 years he still doesn't know him, as he is so withdrawn. H
is highly functional yet unable to make any human connection in an intima
and loving manner.

Michael Willsey

Douglas McAdam

Jan 6, 2010, 3:56:52 PM1/6/10
Hi Michael-
I agree with Suzanne and please be assured of prayers.

God bless,

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