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Oct 2, 2001, 2:22:57 PM10/2/01
Do people seriously post and read these personals? I wander what the
amount of traffic is to this stuff? If people actually use this, are
they as desperate, lonely, shy, and socially unacceptable as I think
they are? If you were a great catch, wouldn't you be kind of, caught?!
I know I am. And I couldn’t shake her off with a stick of
dynamite. And she's definitely not one to post to these things to get
someone; I catch men doing the double-take at her quite often. As for
myself, I have no problems striking up a conversation and finding
women that are interested in talking with me. People have said I am
"handsome, kind of look like a doctor", intelligent, funny, well
spoken, and hard working.
What in the world am I doing here, you ask? I found this personals
thing while surfing Google searching for ongoing news items about our
inevitable war against terrorist. And since my wife and I are having
problems on the communication front, that is, we're not finding any
common grounds to interact upon, I thought I'd try this thing out and
see whom it reels in.
What would be great is to find someone of the same caliber to discuss
topics of similar interest and find out what life has to offer. I've
got a lot to offer and I hope you do also. Please don't contact me if
you need counseling, find a doctor.
I'm not looking to cheat on my wife, but rather to find a female
correspondence that can understand and appreciate that which drives me
This is well worth your time. Reply with your age, race, what you do,
who you are, and your questions. We can swap photos also. I will not
ask you for ph. #, address, business name, and other personals. This
is genuine and so am I.

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