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US, CO, DENVER: WM ISO WF Penfren (40-55) for Intelligent & Erotic Email Play on a Global Scale

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Dec 30, 2002, 11:37:20 PM12/30/02
I'm in my 50's. 5' 9", 185 lbs, in shape. Well-educated, well-read,
well-kept up, and just generally well. Well-fed, well-housed,
well-washed, and well-sexed. (I love to make that /w/ sound and as for
the letter W itself---such a nice bounce to it!! Like Woman.... and
Want... and Willing...Well-shaped, and Waiting...!) I'm waiting for a
Woman Wanting and Willing to be my erotic Penfren. Won't you? I was
looking, awhile back, for just a nice friendly female fren, but now I
wish for a nice friendly and erotic female fren. I find just "being
friends" excludes my expressing my total nature, which is much more
Italiano than Puritan Wasp, and much more satisfied revealing than
covering up. I'm telling you this wishing us to be as compatible as
compatibly possible, Sweet, and I'm hoping you can understand me,
without my prosaically prompting you constantly. You see, without you
women wanting and wishing yourselves to want me and saying so (!), I
don't have the will to write well, I find. So there! So much for mere
penmanship and friendship! You, I'm most wishing, are a little
naturally plump, but not overfat, not more than twenty-five pounds
more cushioned than you would be if you could be. BUT! WAIT! If you
are simply slender or slim, that's wonderful and fine. Athletes are
welcome, also, and bookworms, too. I wonder what you are? I really
like to know the woman I'm wanting... Let's be discreet. You write me
at my secret lovenest at (be very careful as you write my address to
get it right!): ---and you can call me "Gino,"
if you want and tell me WHAT exactly (if you can) you are willing.
And please be quick about it. Let the gusto begin!

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