New York Times slammed as 'disgusting' for downplaying Ed Buck as 'small time' Democratic donor

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Gavin Newsom Paid For By Ed Buck

Oct 10, 2021, 3:05:02 AMOct 10
The New York Times caught flak on Friday for referring to Ed
Buck as a “small-time Democratic donor” despite his long history
of giving big bucks to liberal politicians.

Buck, who was hit with a federal charge on Thursday in the 2017
drug overdose death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, has donated
tens of thousands of dollars to California candidates. According
to federal records, Buck also contributed more than $500,000 to
Democratic groups, including $1,500 to the Obama presidential
campaign and $2,950 to the Hillary Clinton campaign – but this
fell into the category of “small-time,” according to The Times.

“Two men died in the home of Ed Buck, a small-time Democratic
donor and political activist. Now federal prosecutors say they
have detailed a disturbing pattern in which he exchanged drugs
and money for sexual favors, citing at least 11 victims,” the
paper's verified political account tweeted.

Political satirist and “No Things Considered” host Tim Young
questioned why the paper would diminish Buck’s contributions to
the Democratic Party.

“Is the New York Times being sassy and sarcastic with their
Twitter now or are they pushing a blatantly false narrative?
He’s a mega-millionaire who lives in West Hollywood who donated
hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats in the last few
years alone,” Young told Fox News.

“There is nothing even remotely small-time about those numbers,”
Young added.

The Gray Lady also called Buck a “small-time Democratic donor”
in the lead of a story about him facing federal charges.

The New York Times did not immediately respond to a request for

Buck, 65, was charged with distributing methamphetamine
resulting in Moore's death. He would face a minimum of 20 years
in prison if convicted.

Buck was charged earlier this week with causing the overdose of
another man who escaped from his West Hollywood home this month.
The man escaped the apartment and reportedly called for help at
a nearby gas station.

A third man, Timothy Dean, 55, died of an overdose in Buck's
home this past January. Prosecutors said Buck provided drugs to
several men over the years after bringing them to his home. They
described the political donor as someone who preyed on the
homeless and drug addicts.

“The real threat of bias in the media is how pervasive it has
become. Black men have died at the hands of this predator and
the priority for The New York Times is covering for their
preferred political party,” conservative strategist Chris Barron
told Fox News. “Disgusting.”

This is the third time The Times has made news with a tweet in
recent days. Under its “New York Times Opinion” Twitter banner,
the paper issued an apology late Saturday, saying it had deleted
an “offensive” message promoting a controversial, now-revised
article that made allegations against Supreme Court Justice
Brett Kavanaugh.

“We deleted a previous tweet regarding this article,” The Times'
Opinion message said. “It was offensive, and we apologize.”

The original Times tweet graphically described an obscene act
that Kavanaugh is accused of having done during his college
years. The tweet then said the act “may seem like harmless fun.”

The New York Times also caused an uproar last week with a now-
deleted tweet and now-updated story that originally said
“airplanes,” not terrorists, were responsible for the 9/11
attack on the World Trade Center/

The 9/11 anniversary message was immediately met with harsh
criticism and was swiftly deleted.

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