MSNBC remains silent on arrest of Democrat megadonor after third man overdoses at his house

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Eric Garcetti & Ed Buck

Nov 10, 2021, 5:45:03 AM11/10/21
MSNBC failed to cover the arrest of Ed Buck on-air after a third
man overdosed on methamphetamine in his home after the
Democratic megadonor allegedly provided it.

Buck, 65, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with operating a
drug house and three counts of battery. The most recent man who
overdosed at Buck's residence survived, but the first two died
18 months apart. No charges were filed in relation to the other

In the past, Buck has donated to California Sen. Krysten Sinema,
California Rep. Adam Schiff, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti,
and L.A. District Attorney Jack Lacey. He also donated to former
President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary

MSNBC has not mentioned the arrest despite Buck's ties to
influential Democrats, according to a review of their on-air
footage via a media clipping service.

A review of MSNBC's website also turned up no articles written
about Buck this week. The network's Facebook page, however,
posted a link to NBC News' story about Buck's arrest.

MSNBC posts Ed Buck story.png
CNN reported on the arrest during Wednesday's episode of Early
Start With Christine Romans and Dave Briggs. They also reported
on it during CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin. Comparatively,
Fox News reported on Buck during Fox & Friends, America's
Newsroom, Outnumbered and Outnumbered Overtime with Harris

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