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Jess Anderson

Jan 6, 2009, 10:16:45 PM1/6/09

[] As I used to tell my Shakespeare classes, the task before
[] us is not to make Shakespeare relevant to us, but rather
[] to make ourselves relevant to Shakespeare.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] He dumped me when I came out to him, and not on to him, I
[] hasten to add, although in retrospect that might have the
[] reason. He's the only friend who's ever openly rejected me
[] because I'm queer, and I have no intention of ever getting
[] over it.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] I have recently heard it posited that the cold father and
[] warm mother (which describes my family rather well) are
[] not so much the cause of a homosexual child as the
[] *result* thereof. That is, the parents can sense somehow
[] the differentness of the child and respond in those ways.
[] -- Jeff Putnam
[] Gee, no wonder you're queer. My parents were pretty much
[] always the same temperature, as far as I could tell.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] I just had a vision of the scene at Seattle-Tacoma
[] International Airport as plane-load after plane-load of
[] bath-crazed females crowd into the concourses and espresso
[] bars, their overnight bags, panniers, rucksacks, and fanny
[] packs rubbing and scrapping, creating a harsh continuo in
[] counterpoint the higher-pitched murmurings, laughter, and
[] occasional shrieks as would-be bathers compete for taxis
[] and creme rinse. Finally, amidst the confused jostlings, a
[] new sense of purpose, of unity, of solidarity begins to
[] ignite this batho-phrenetic congeries into a bath-talion
[] that makes its motto "Fuck it, let's get wet, let's get
[] going." They form their orderly ranks and swing out onto
[] passenger loading zones where they commandeer every bus,
[] airporter, shuttle, and limousine in sight to begin the
[] final stage of the final assault. At this point, the
[] vision faded as an unexpected guest was admitted to my
[] presence.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] In my sensitive and caring way, let me respond by
[] suggesting you take it to the anti-abortion and homophobic
[] manipulators and power-mongers. They are the ones who have
[] succeeded in putting such a negative spin on the phrase
[] ["family values"] as to make it a universally recognized
[] code phrase for some of the ugliest aspects of American
[] political and social life today. They are the slanderers,
[] the liars, the power hungry cynics.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] A lot of gay people do find ways to make their own
[] families because the ones they were born into so totally
[] failed them. These people are the harbingers of the next
[] norm for families: people connected to each other because
[] they love each other, a "new innovation" if ever there
[] were one.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] And as for good old-fashioned family values, let us see
[] these folks living three generations in a house before we
[] talk traditional family values. This cockamamie fantasy
[] with the daddy and the mommy and the child living by
[] themselves is more a by-blow of the disintegrative shock
[] the industrialization of America brought with it than
[] anything else.
[] -- Frank Maloney

[] Copyright 2008 Jess Anderson []
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Frank McQuarry

Jan 7, 2009, 7:48:26 AM1/7/09

I will miss him.

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