Jackie Lacey: Prosecute White Democrat Homosexual Pervert Ed Buck

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Eric Garcetti Sucks Ed Buck

Nov 6, 2021, 2:50:02 AM11/6/21
Democratic activist and political donor, Ed Buck, has been known
to prey on vulnerable, Black queer men in the LA community.
Within less than two years, two gay Black men, Gemmel Moore and
Timothy, Dean have been found dead in Buck’s home. Despite
growing public pressure and media scrutiny District Attorney
Jackie Lacey refuses to do any further investigation around the
deaths of these two Black men.

Ed Buck has given more than $500,000 to Democratic
organizations, this includes about $2,950 to Hillary Clinton and
other similar amounts to prominent Democratic politicians. Ed
Buck has even given money to DA Jackie Lacey.

Los Angeles law enforcement and DA Jackie Lacey’s attempts to
dismiss the deaths of these two young men as accidents is
morally reprehensible. Lacey’s refusal to prosecute Ed Buck is
nothing more than cynical political calculation to maintain her
position as the lead prosecutor at the expense of the LA


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