Gemmel Moore's Mother Files Lawsuit Against Democrat Homosexual Ed Buck and Democrat D.A. Jackie Lacey

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Ed Buck Pegged Gavin Newsom

Oct 10, 2021, 3:35:03 AMOct 10
A wrongful death civil rights lawsuit has been filed in Los
Angeles County Superior Court against Ed Buck, L.A. County
District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Craig Hum, assistant head
deputy district attorney, in the 2017 death of 26-year-old
Gemmel Moore at Buck’s Laurel Avenue apartment. The suit has
been filed on behalf of Moore’s estate and his mother, LaTisha

Moore, an African-American man who was a sex worker, was found
dead of a crystal meth overdose in Buck’s apartment on July 27,
2017. Buck, who is 65, is a white man known for luring young
black men to his apartment through posts on gay sex sites such

Moore’s death was classified as an accidental methamphetamine
overdose by the coroner. A protest by Moore’s family and friends
and calls from L.A. City Councilmember Mike Bonin and West
Hollywood City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath led the L.A. County
Sheriff’s Department’s homicide bureau to launch an
investigation into Moore’s death. On July 26, 2018, the
District Attorney’s office declined to file charges against
Buck, citing insufficient evidence.

On Jan. 7 of this year, Timothy Dean, a 55-year-old black man,
also was found dead in the 65-year-old Buck’s apartment. Buck’s
lawyer, Seymour Amster, has said that Dean appeared to have been
under the influence of some substance when he entered Buck’s
apartment late that night. The coroner has been barred by the
Sheriff’s Department from disclosing the cause of death.

Dean’s death, currently under investigation, has sparked a
renewed investigation by Sheriff’s detectives into the
circumstances of Moore’s death, with detectives travelling as
far away as New York City to interview young black men who
claimed that Buck paid to fly to his apartment for erotic
encounters. Both deaths also have prompted demonstrations in
front of Buck’s home, in front of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s
Station and at the City Council Chambers on San Vicente
Boulevard, with protestors claiming that Buck’s reputation as a
donor to local, state and federal Democratic Party candidates
has protected him from arrest. This afternoon, the Color of
Change black activist group delivered 30,000 petitions to D.A.
Lacey demanding that Buck be arrested.

Buck, through his lawyer, Seymour Amster, has denied that he was
involved in either death. Amster has described both Moore and
Dean as friends of Buck’s who he has offered to help.

“Our hope is that this lawsuit will bring some modicum of
justice for Gemmel and all of Ed Buck’s victims,” said Nana
Gymafi, human rights and criminal defense attorney and co-
counsel for Ms. Nixon. “Gemmel cries out to us in his journals
and his words to family and friends to hold Ed Buck accountable
for his torture and death at Ed Buck’s hands. There is an aspect
of this lawsuit that is about holding Ed Buck accountable in the
language that he as a wealthy political donor understands–money.
Ed Buck can never fully compensate Gemmel’s mother and his
family for hurting and killing Gemmel as we have alleged, but as
a wealthy donor, it is only fitting that he take the funds he
uses to influence politicians like Los Angeles County District
Attorney Jackie Lacey to atone for his crimes against Gemmel.

“Additionally, Gemmel’s family has been clear since Gemmel was
killed that they seek justice for all of Ed Buck’s victims as
well as the prevention of future victims. This lawsuit helps to
protect a very vulnerable population of gay black men by
exposing details of Buck’s predatory and racially-discriminatory
actions against gay black men. Ed Buck has already felt the
pressure with the work that journalist Jasmyne Cannick and
Justice4Gemmel and All of Ed Buck’s Victims have done to lift
the sheets off of Buck and his deadly and racist predations.

“If Ed Buck had any decency at all, he would have already come
forward and apologized and offered to compensate Gemmel Moore
and Timothy Dean’s families for the terrible harm and trauma he
has caused through his actions. But, Buck is not a decent human
being, and so we are forced to bring this lawsuit to get some
accountability and justice.”

The lawsuit is seeking damages against Ed Buck for wrongful
death, sexual battery, drug dealer liability, premises
liability, negligence per se, intentional infliction of
emotional distress and hate violence.

The lawsuit claims that District Attorney Lacey and Craig Hum
violated Gemmel Moore’s civil rights in what it describes as
their “race-based refusal to prosecute Ed Buck, which ultimately
resulted in the January 7, 2019 death of Timothy Dean under
almost identical circumstances that should have been prevented.”

“The filing of a civil lawsuit against Ed Buck is an important
step forward on the path towards justice for Gemmel Moore,” said
Hussain Turk, social justice lawyer and co-counsel for Ms.
Nixon. “Until now, Ed Buck has avoided prosecution by the very
same elected officials and law enforcement agents whose pockets
he’s been lining with hundreds of thousands of dollars in
election campaign and legal defense fund contributions since
2007. That is why this lawsuit also names the County of Los
Angeles, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, and Deputy District
Attorney Craig Hum as defendants alongside Ed Buck.

“Their refusal to criminally prosecute Ed Buck because he is
white is an unjust and unequal application of the law that
violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
of the United States Constitution. If the dead body of a blonde-
haired, blue-eyed white man was found in the home of an older
black man, he’d be lucky to even make it to the police station
alive. But on DA Lacey’s and DDA Hum’s watch, Ed Buck hasn’t
even been formally questioned for his involvement in the deaths
of not one, but two black men. DA Lacey’s and DDA Hum’s
unconstitutional failure to act is reprehensible and where their
misapplication of criminal justice has consistently failed the
black community, this lawsuit will hold Ed Buck, DA Lacey and
DDA Hum accountable in the only way our civil justice system
knows how–monetary damages. But money, of course, will never
bring back the two beautiful black men who died on Ed Buck’s
living room floor.”

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