Could Sen. David Vitter's diaper fetish lead to a second career?

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Oct 27, 2007, 6:10:31 AM10/27/07
Could Sen. David Vitter's diaper fetish lead to a second career?
By Denise Noe

Most people are probably familiar with the fact that conservative
Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter, known for his support of
traditional family values, has 'fessed up to seeing prostitutes. It is
also widely reported that he had the pros put him in diapers.

In one of the commercials he made while campaigning, David Vitter is
shown with his family. Toward the end of the commercial, wife Wendy
Vitter asks her husband to change the diaper of their young child.
Perhaps these experiences led Vitter to wonder: why should babies and
toddlers get all the fun of wearing diapers and having them changed?

If Senator Vitter does indeed enjoy wearing diapers, it seems that he
has a ready-made second career cut out for him. He can become a
spokesperson for a company that manufactures adult diapers.

It is true that most people who wear adult diapers don them because
they have lost control of their body functions rather than because
they have a fetish. However, both groups would want a product that is
comfy. Vitter, who has much experience before crowds and microphones,
would seem to be the ideal candidate to drum up support for an adult
diaper company.

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