Re: Another War. More DEAD RUSSIANS!

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Jan 22, 2022, 11:47:43 PMJan 22
On 1/22/2022 10:32 AM, Mike Weber wrote:
> Victor Tandofsky wrote
>> Life is good!
> Russian casualties will litter the battlefield. The slav pigs will be
> butchered on their own land. Russian soldiers are cowards. Kill a few and
> they turn tale and run.

When they finish with their family feud, you best not be still above
ground. There are many thousands and more of Russia's and the Ukraine
immigrants serving valiantly and with distinction in the American
Military. They are proud of their heritage and are some of our top
patriots. Sorry I can't say the same for a cowardly back stabber like
you. By the way, I am Irish/American and have served my America as have
my fore-bearers going back to the Revolutionary war.

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