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Adam Funk

Sep 1, 2016, 5:30:05 AM9/1/16
On 2016-08-31, Dr. HotSalt wrote:

> On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 3:15:03 AM UTC-7, Adam Funk wrote:
>> On 2016-08-25, Lots42 wrote:
>> > The following is meant to be entertaining fiction, written by others.
>> >
>> >
> Whereas it is actually a Sekrit Gummint Document posted by Wikileaks?
>> I was expecting tips for copying files securely through the
>> intertubes.
> Didn't you read the part about "civilians are to be denied access to the library"?
> Whoever said "Come the revolution, we're gonna need a longer wall" saw this shit coming.

Does Don Saklad know about this???!?!?!?1!?

I have a natural revulsion to any operating system that shows so
little planning as to have to named all of its commands after
digestive noises (awk, grep, fsck, nroff).
_The UNIX-HATERS Handbook_
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