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Dai Uy

Oct 11, 2003, 9:02:05 PM10/11/03
"Markku Grönroos" <> wrote in message

> You have Russian roulette in mind. Actually director Michael
> Cimino wanted to give such an impression. Many people closely
> involved in the war say that they never saw this game been played
> anywhere in Vietnam (for instance so that hordes of anxious men do
> betting on which one of the attendants get the bullet through his
> head). I recall that Cimino later admitted that these scenes are
> more or less fiction.

Every scene in the movie is fiction.

It's a fictional movie, not a documentary.

I think the writer and director chose to use the metaphor of
"Russian Roulette" in order to address the element of chance.

Anyone could be killed in Vietnam. The odds for some
assignments were far greater than they might be for clerk typists.
For those in a high-risk assignment, every new day became a
spin of the cylinder.
The payoff came from beating the odds and surviving intact. Every
new day could be the one in which you died. Yet, beating those
odds – living on adrenaline – could be very addictive. It caused
some to seek increasingly riskier assignments. Some became
totally hooked on it. Cause of death became --however indirectly
– adrenaline addiction.

The lucky ones were severely wounded preventing them from
getting their next fix. In time, they seem to overcome their

-Dai Uy
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