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Oct 12, 2003, 9:02:05 PM10/12/03

Dear SHWV Moderating team,

(Dear America,)

If God allowed the US to lead the world in the 21st century as
well, it must be because the US kept on dripping sweat, shedding
blood and tears during those days in Vietnam.

Thirty years have passed since then. I made a scenario for the
documentary film featuring Vietnam veterans and the revival of the
United States of America.

According to new perspective about the scenario, I think I can
offer you Veterans and the United States the true meaning of
Vietnam War and the historical meaning which has sometimes been

If it was you, who would you choose for the main character for
Vietnamese Veteran? Tom Cruise, Danny DeVito, and so on. I think
it is Senator John McCain.

I would like to publish this film based on my scenario.

If you think this scenario is worth publishing as a documentary
film, send your message to Senator McCain. Please.

I hope you become the guest of McCain in this scenario B plan.
And, I hope you support Senator McCain. Please.

If you think this scenario is worth publishing as a documentary
film, send your message to Advisory Committee. Please.

The whole scenario consists of 9 chapters. Please go through each
one of them.

Advisory Committee (Senator John McCain, Chair of Advisory



You can send this email and scenario from you to your friends.

Sincerely yours,
Shigeaki Uchiyama
1-50-5 Mihashi, Saitama-shi, SAITAMA
330-0856 JAPAN

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