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What did King George III say about George Washington?

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Brent Cooper
Trial and appellate counsel for Cooper & Scully (1993–present)August 19

What did King George III say about George Washington?

They never met or corresponded. Initially, George III was dismissive of
Washington. But as time went on that changed.

After the war was concluded, George III said this: “I was the last to
consent to the Separation, but … I say now, that I would be the first to
meet the Friendship of the United States as an independent Power.”

King George reserved his greatest compliment for Washington at the end
of Washington’s career. On hearing that George Washington would resign
his commission and retire from power, the King said if true that made
Washington the greatest man in the world. And this admiration must have
continued, for many years later King George acquired for his personal
library an engraving of Mount Vernon, the home of the man who had
defeated him so many years before.

The King and the Man Who Would Not Wear a Crown.
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