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Jan 14, 2008, 12:27:19 AM1/14/08
a nun?
!!! -----------------------------------
!!! "Yes. Yeah. The Bureau was going to provide an apartment
!!! with cameras and you know...With sound equipment and
!!! everything. So we could film the nun while I seduced her."

Done done.


ECHELON is NSA's world-wide surveillance network and associated software.

DICTIONARY - Keyword searching with exclusion logic software.

ORATORY - Speech recognition. Think of it as speech-to-text software.
Subject to DICTIONARY searches.

CALEA - A 1994 law ("Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act")
to force a massive reworking of the U.S. telephone infra-
structure so that the government can intrinsically wiretap it.
Also called the FBI Digital Telephony Act. It is a domestic
extension of ECHELON.

GAK - Government Access [to cryptographic] Keys. Any cryptography
product with GAK has been compromised so the government can
read it.

SIGINT - Signals Intelligence = NSA = electronic snooping

Key Recovery - See GAK.

C-SPAN - Two cable channels dedicated to broadcasting both houses of

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