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Oct 29, 2021, 12:02:49 PM10/29/21
(I do not know what is the truth.
I do know that if they in Taiwan are not real
serious about fighting for their 'freedom' and
small, more open democracy, I'm sure not in favor
of the US doing any fighting.)

Michael Ciao
Business Owner Investor (1977–present) Mon

WSJ reports that Taiwan has poor preparation and low morale among the
roughly 80,000 Taiwan soldiers and 2 million reservists against China's
possible siege of it. If so, can the US engage to save Taiwan from China
like it did for South Korea?
I am a former Taiwan army officer, it is true, they don’t want to fight
anybody, there is no desire to die for it. Most of the soldiers will run
for the hills or go home.

It is an American war, they don’t want to die for the Americans and
destroy their homes. Let Americans go fight the war in someone else’s
homeland. They are not stupid.

Most Taiwanese have been to China, they know when China takes over, life
will go on as usual.

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Lim Kok Auun
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Lim Kok Auun
Those self serving Taiwanese politicians want US involvement and at the
same time allowed themselves to be used by US to fight a war with China.

US enjoys it because all cost is borned by Taiwan in the billions.
Taiwan self serving politicians get some change while soldiers are
expected to die for them.

They are treating the rest of Taiwan as stupid fools.

Richard Yang
Why then they voted for these DPP separatists? TAIWANESE biggest trade
partner is Mainland China. Being part of China means all the perks of
selling Taiwanese goods as domestic ones to Mainland. They should use
common sense and vote only the pro unification politicians.

NOTHING GOOD FOR TAIWAN and TAIWANESE to get full legal divorce from PRC
to be the next slave and colony of USA and Japan.

Losing access to 1.4 billions domestic market is too much.

Wally Yap
Please tell this to your puppet of the US, President Tsai Ing-wen. No
Taiwanese should die in a fruitless war. Do not be fooled by the
Americans,despite their assurance of military commitment.Yes,the US will
probably provide the armaments but don’t expect it to be physically
engaged. The Americans will be sitting on the side lines enjoying the
show,watching the Chinese destroying each other.

The Civil War ended in 1949,more than seven decades ago. Most of those
who had fought in that war,have passed away.To most of the current
generation,the Civil War is but an ugly blight in China’s history.

What can Taiwan gain in a war with China? It is time for a
reconciliation, to allow the younger generation a peaceful existence,not
have the specter of war hanging over their heads.

Eric Blanton
Is that so? This is not an American war, except in the sense that we
support those who are being abused by tyrants. If you don’t care about
your freedom, then you deserve CCP rule. America should not help those
who will not help themselves. China can be defeated by other means than
the 1st Island chain.

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