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a Quora - In Ukraine War - Russia now has a brown water Navy

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Nov 13, 2023, 3:30:04 PM11/13/23
Brent Cooper
Trial and appellate counsel for Cooper & Scully (1993–present)Nov 8
What is your opinion on the Russian Navy's next move?

They are out of moves. They pulled all of their ships out of Sevastopol
because they couldn’t protect their ships.

They relocated most of their ships to Novorossiysk where they thought
they could be protected. Russia soon learned that this was not the case
when their ships were attacked there.

Despite Russian attempts to put a spin on the situation, the Russian
navy in the Black Sea has become a brown-water fleet incapable of
implementing innovative solutions and unwilling to partner with foreign
powers to supplement their dilapidated naval defenses.

"A brown-water navy means that the naval force operates in coastal
waters, in the area close to the shore, no farther than 12 miles [19km]
off the coast or on the river routes," said military analyst Ivan

This describes the current activity of the Russian navy at Sevastopol,
said Kirichevsky, who works for the Kyiv-based consulting company
Defence Express.

"They're crawling out a few kilometres from the shore of the temporarily
occupied Crimea, shooting Kalibr missiles and quickly crawling back," he

In essence, the Kremlin's navy is essentially confined to its bases and
cannot operate, analysts said, noting that this has come as a surprise,
as before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia's Black Sea Fleet
was considered a mighty force.

Now these ships are not leaving the ports at all, he said.

"The only thing their navy can do is creep a few kilometres away from
the shore and shell us with Kalibr missiles, and transport military
cargo along the Sea of Azov, where they don't face any threats,"
Kirichevsky said.

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