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Nov 13, 2021, 10:45:23 AM11/13/21
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Ted Bernstein
Nov 6
What is the root cause of the decades-long conflict between the peoples
of Palestine and Israel, and what flexible solutions are there to end
the conflict and allow peace to reign?

Originally Answered: What was the roots cause between the people of
Palestine and Israelites for decades and what will be the elastic
solutions to end their controversy and allow peace to rein forever?

Imagine you buy a home and the title is clear. On the day you move in,
you and your family are attacked by your neighbors who make it perfectly
clear they want you dead. You win that war but they keep coming every
few years. You keep winning and surviving.

The hate filled neighbors adjust their war strategy. They allow their
homes to be occupied by thugs and terrorists who murder your family
members and visitors whenever they get a chance. They don’t care who
they kill whether it be children, elderly and even their own children.
For example, they dress up a young woman as a postman who intends to
place a bomb in your mailbox. It accidentally blows up while she’s
placing it in your mailbox and she dies, including anyone within 100
feet also dies. Since that failed, they launch fire bombs onto your roof
while you’re sleeping.

What exactly would you do? Remember, you were given clear title when you
bought the house. There are no legitimate questions over who owns your

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Lowell Blackman
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Lowell Blackman
· Thu
First of all, the question is flawed: “peoples of Palestine and
Israel”…. Who exactly are the “peoples of Palestine” if it is not a
country and if those living under the rule of the Palestinian Authority
never had a clear-cut national or ethnic identity until the KGB created
one for them in the 1960s and 1970s.

Andre De Angelis
· 17h ago
“Who exactly are the “peoples of Palestine”

The people who were calling themselves Palestinians by no later than
1919 when the first Palestinian Arab Congress (al-Muʾtamar al-Arabi
al-Filastini) met in Jerusalem from 27 January to 9 February 1919.

By the time that the Third Palestinian Arab Congress met in Haifa in
December 1920 they were calling for Palestinian Arab autonomy. See
Kimmerling page 85.

The Delegation to Great Britain in February 1922 self-identified
themselves as representatives of the “Arab People of Palestine” and
members of the “People of Palestine”. They demanded their own national
constitution and representative government.

Sheik Hassan
Please, there was nothing legitimate in the creation of Israel, it was a
financial transaction between a collapsing empire, the Rothschils
Banking Cartel and members of the illegal League of Nations whose
members, like Arthur Balfour, accepted the money and played along .
Remember, their original deal was to create the Zionist state in Uganda,
Africa. This was all in keeping with the the colonial mindset.
Palestinians have occupied the territory since 5 BC which was long prior
the Jews migrating into Egypt from Ethiopia and subsequently being
kicked out. This entire affair is a joke and Israel should be dismantled
totally. Also, Mohammad was the last Phropet and Islam the most rapidly
expanding religion across the world.

Ted Bernstein

Excellent fiction. Not a word of truth.

Andre De Angelis
· 17h ago
Imagine you live in your own home and a flood of settler colonialists
arrive on your shores and claim the land of theirs because of some
spurious ancestral link and steal your land and drive you off it?

No native population in history has ever taken kindly to settler
colonialism. They all fought against the invaders. They all lost too
because as with Palestine, the European invaders were better armed and
better trained.

I seem to recall an episode where ancient Jews also rose up against the
Romans during the Bar Kokhba revolt. They lost too. They must have
rebelled because they hate filled apparently.

“They don’t care who they kill whether it be children, elderly and even
their own children.”

Israel kill children by the hundreds, imprison and torture them.

“For example, they dress up a young woman as a postman who intends to
place a bomb in your mailbox”

They probably got that idea from they Zionist terrorists who dressed up
as Arabs to plant bombs.

“Since that failed, they launch fire bombs onto your roof while you’re

Israel destroy entire apartment blocks while the occupants are sleeping.

“Remember, you were given clear title when you bought the house.”

What title might that be? As of May 1948, Jews only held title to 6% of
Palestine, yet within a year Israel controlled 78% of it.

Israeli historian Shlomo Ben-Ami confirmed those reports using Israeli
archival evidence:

“The Jews did not have to buy land any more, but to ‘conquer it’, as
Ben-Gurion said to an official of the Jewish National Fund in February
1948. He also instructed that abandoned Arab villages needed to be
settled by Jews even before the end of hostilities. Settling the land in
a way that created Jewish contiguity’ and demographic superiority was
not to be an enterprise to be executed after the victory. Rather, it was
part of the war itself. Villages were destroyed, their populations
either evicted or fled, and their lands were settled by immigrants or
cultivated by kibbutzim in the course of the war itself. This is how
Ben-Gurion put in April 1948: ‘We will not be able to win the war if we
do not, during the war, populate Upper and Lower, Eastern and Western
Galilee, the Negev and the Jerusalem area.’ And this, he understood,
would be facilitated by the ‘great change in the distribution of the
Arab population’, a euphemism Ben-Gurion frequently preferred to more
blunt expressions.”

Scars of War, Wounds of Peace, page 45

As Yehoshofat Harkabi (Former Israeli Chief of Military
Intelligence/Professorof International Relations and Middle East
Studies) put it:

“Because we took the land this gives us the image of being bad, of being
aggressive. The Jews always considered that the land belonged To them.
but in fact it belonged to the Arabs. I would go further: I would say
the original source of this conflict lies with Israel, with the Jews -
and you can quote me.”

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Ted Bernstein
· 1h ago
What planet are you writing about? Israel didn’t “claim” anything. It
was awarded to them by UN decree. Your whole fictional essay turns to
jibberish after that one.

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Yehudit Rouzaud
· Wed
Clear title doesn’t matter. The clearer the title (Har Habayit and
Maarat HaMachpelah for instance. Or even their own holy book, for that
matter) the more fiercely they insists that Jews have no history, no
right and no title.

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Ted Bernstein
· Thu
It may not matter to the terrorists but it matters for the record. The
only thing that ultimately matters is who will prevail. Fortunately,
that is a fore gone conclusion. No one in their right mind would bet
against the Israelis.

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