Re: Online Article Asserting that White Vietnam Veterans Faced Significant Economic Discrimination

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Oct 1, 2021, 12:51:47 PM10/1/21
On 9/30/2021 7:52 PM, MarcusAurelius wrote:
> The following is the URL of an online article entitled: "Lifetime Earnings and the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery; Evidence from Social Security Records" 10.:
> It was published by the American Economic Association on 1-6-2011.
> It asserts that the life time earnings of white Vietnam Veterans were significantly less than their non-veteran counter parts.
> However, it is possible that this same study did not take into consideration the fact that career Vietnam Veteran officers and non-commissioned officers were not affected by the political, legal, social, and cultural forces which caused this discrepancy resulting in this difference in earning being understated significantly.
> It does not address the possibility that both overt and covert forms of discrimination based upon gender,race, and Vietnam Veteran status played a significant factor in the difference in earnings. It is highly likely, especially given other related studies on how affirmative action and other laws adversely effected the earnings of white men, that these factors played an important role in the difference in life time earnings.
> Of course, the American political establishment and the American military adamantly assert that Vietnam Veterans were not adversely economically effected by their military service. However, this and other studies assert that white Vietnam Veterans lifetime earnings were significantly adversely effected by their military service.
> Perhaps, if there was a reasonable relationship between the right to vote and military service, the selfish and predatory political treachery towards returning Vietnam veterans which the aforementioned implies will not occur again to other returning military veterans.

Interesting 'study' done by 'Joshua Angrist'.

But, right off the bat, I see an error.

He says, "The randomly assigned risk of induction generated
by the draft lottery is used to construct estimates of the
effect of veteran status on civilian earnings."

It was not 'randomly assigned risk'.
Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden did not
get drafted or chose to serve.
They were 'fortunate sons' and from financially
comfortable backgrounds already. That continued!
The advantaged try to control things to keep

I was determined to go to, and finish college.
I was able to. That makes me "advantaged".
The draft lottery #, made me safe & exempt.
I chose to serve and did in the USMC.
I have done very well for myself financially.

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