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a Quora - Why is Egypt so adamantly opposed to allowing refugees from Gaza to escape

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Nov 16, 2023, 2:42:59 PM11/16/23
I love Israel ·
Natasja Rose
Nov 11

Why is Egypt so adamantly opposed to allowing refugees from Gaza to
escape the city, I thought they cared about the Palestinians?

They care about the Palestinians in theory, as Muslim neighbours, but
Egypt isn’t going to let that blind them to reality.

Unlike seemingly everyone on this site, Egypt bothered to pick up a
history book.

Jordan allowed Palestinian refugees. They tried to set up a
state-within-a-state, attempted to assassinate the King, and got kicked
back out.

Lebanon accepted the Palestinian refugees that had just been kicked out
of Jordan, Those same refugees started a ten-year civil war.

Kuwait accepted Palestinian refugees. They then helped Saddam Hussain
take over.

Egypt has no desire to be next on the list of countries dealing with
open rebellion or terrorism after letting in refugees from Palestine,
especially if they risk Hamas sneaking in with them.

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Alan Cross
· Nov 11
In the HAMAS charter, after they have killed all jews between the river
jordan and the sea, their next two declared targets for “cleansing” are
Egypt and Jordan,

That might explain why those two countries are reluctant to accept
HAMAS. it does not fully explain why the other 40+ muslim countries are
also refusing them.

· Sat
It’s pretty obvious why the other 40+ muslim countries are refusing to
take in possible Hamas supporters. They are far more cluey about the
possible ramifications of such an enterprise than we in the ‘tolerant’ West!

I have been appalled at the level of support for this murderous group in
Western countries.

· Sat
“the ‘tolerant’ West” will be our undoing.

Anthony Pope
· Sat
Tolerant or just plain stupid it amazes me that supposedly intelligent
young people are so ignorant of the Palestinians history and of Hamas’s
treatment of women and its own subjects who they treat as a shield and
then complain about Israel killing civilians

Kathi Enyem
· Mon
yes ! tolerant is not the right word. IGNORANT / Stupidity comes to mind.

· Sat
As a western guy im ashamed that my own goverment seem to drag their
feet when it comes to puttin their foot down with these fundamentalist
islamic groups including the purely political ones

Paul Brawley
· Sun
From the sea to the river, Hamas would eat your mother’s liver.

Gloria Del Borrello
· Sun
They would beat rape and degrade her first


· Nov 11
Hamas fighters exiting into Sinai have attacked Egyptian army patrols.

There was a battle about 10 years ago where an Egyptian army patrol was
covered by Israeli artillery fire to defend themselves.

Ivan Maximov
· Sun
Where can I read more about it?

Rick Fleming
· Sun
August 2012 Sinai attack - Wikipedia

Hamas is also an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group
responsible for the assassination of the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.
The reason for the assassination was the Egyptian/Israeli peace treaty.

Ivan Maximov
· 4h
Thank you. I didn’t know about this Israel/Egypt cooperation.

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