Yo Oleg, Care to comment on this regards the submarine Kursk?

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Yo Oleg,
Care to comment on this regards the submarine Kursk?

from Quora:

Alex Mann
Historian (2017–present)Wed

What caused the Kursk submarine to sink?

The sinking of the Kursk perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with
the Russian military and why they are losing so badly in this war.

The Kursk was no joke. It was an Oscar II class submarine, making it the
largest on earth at the time.

The Kursk was a nuclear powered submarine that could fire nuclear cruise
missiles at any target. It was modern, sleek, uber-powerful, and crewed
by the best men in the Russian Fleet.

The Kursk was the pride of the Russian Navy. It was a testament to
Russian power and capability as much as the Pyotr Velikiy or any other ship.

The Kursk was sent out for a training mission with various ships. During
the training, missing Krusk asked permission to fire a dummy torpedo.

One of the dummy torpedos called a “tolstushka” was loaded into the 4th
tube. The hydrogen peroxide fuel on the torpedo began to react and
suddenly exploded. The blast wave soon moved through all the weapon
storage rooms and major parts of the sub.

The submarine sank to the bottom of the sea. Then 2 minutes later the 7
armed warheads were detonated aboard the Kursk due to the fire and a
massive explosive rocked the ship.

A few survivors made their way to a safe section of the ship where they
pleaded for help. Russia made attempts to save the men but ultimately

Here’s what really causes this.

The Kursk was poorly maintained and always had been
The Torpedos given to Kursk were not kept in proper conditions. They
were just kept in random warehouses making them a ticking timebomb
This is what causes the disaster. The crew performed perfectly but they
were doomed from the start.

Now right after this goes down the US knows the Kursk just sank and has
shipped over the Kursk designed for deep-sea submarine rescue. In fact,
dozens of nations offer to help but Russia refuses them all, stating
rescue was imminent.

In fact, Russia bungled everything badly. They got the wrong location of
the Kursk at first, wasting precious hours. Then when they found it
their efforts to rescue the men were a total failure. In the end, Russia
failed to save its sailors.

Turns out Russian rescue equipment was also poorly maintained and failed
to do its job. Had Russia accepted US assistance- the crew may have

This is Russia in a nutshell. They don’t have any money and they are
overflowing with this false sense of pride they haven’t earned.

Those Torpedos weren’t poorly maintained because of laziness- Russia
just cannot afford to properly store torpedos. The Kursk wasn’t poorly
maintained because the crew sucked- it was poorly maintained because
Russia refused to fix broken parts.

Russia tries to maintain this big army with these big ships but they
have no money for any of it. So in the end corners are cut everywhere
they can be found and sadly it costs lives.

We see this in Ukraine today and we saw this with Kursk years ago. It
will continue on and on

or, how about:
Truth About Russia ·
Joan Vredik Broadley

Why are Russian families angry that the Ukraine government is informing
them of their loved ones' death in the Ukraine war? Should Ukrainian
government even bother trying to contact the dead Russian troop's families?
The same thing happened when Russia was fighting in Afghanistan.
Families were not being informed that their sons, fathers, or uncles had
died in the war. Russian mothers formed “The Mothers’ Movement” to
protest both the war in Afghanistan and the treatment of their sons in
that conflict. This protest organization was one of the factors in
Russia withdrawing from Afghanistan. Imagine sending your son off to the
army and never hearing from him again? Russian mothers may again have to
rise up to protest the treatment of their loved ones by their own
government and this might actually eventually end that conflict too.
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