A modernized war song for the Brits

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Sep 18, 2021, 11:39:01 PM9/18/21
Ran upon this recently - decent enough,

try it at
Falklands war song - 20th century British military song


The moral of the story:
Don't touch her majesty's rock collection.

Even after all these years. The Brits still got it. Love from Canada!

It’s still important to remember the gallant sacrifice of the
British Soldiers who payed the ultimate sacrifice for those
1800 people and half a million sheep, lest we forget.

We must admit that you British made us shed blood on those islands,
but your nation liberated us from the Galtieri dictatorship.
greetings from Argentina

"They covered him with kisses, they walked him in the grass,
He said they never saw a better piece of British - - - Land"

I like how the argies literally sunk a somewhat vital supply
ship along with a few chinooks that were VERY important for
transport and the operation was about to fail but the fucking
british commander was like "Nahhhhhhhhhhhh, we'll just walk
there." and they won.

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