Remember the doubts we had about the M-16 in Vietnam?

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May 28, 2022, 6:53:36 PMMay 28
Remember the doubts we had about the M-16 in Vietnam?

I sure do. Plenty liked the M-14 better.
Lots of us had concerns about it's 'knock down'
power. The military changed to the M-16
because it was slightly lighter, and it's
ammunition was WAY lighter.

Well listen to the comments now:


It cannot be emphasized enough, however, exactly what the AR-15 is: It
is a weapon of war. It was made to blow humans apart. It is successful
in doing just that. The requests for DNA tests in Uvalde stand as a
testament to the gun’s success, but the conclusion that the weapon
excelled at blowing people apart was well documented by the U.S.
military itself during early field tests.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. conducted a survey into the impact of
the AR-15 and its use on the battlefield. To put it bluntly, the
survey found that the weapon, chambered with same .223 caliber rounds
that Ramos used in Uvalde, was exceedingly good at killing human

A copy of the survey, which was published in a Gawker story by my
now-colleague Sam Biddle in 2016, shows that Viet Cong fighters hit
with the weapon were frequently decapitated and dismembered, many
looking as though they had “exploded.” A field report documented how
an AR-15 had blown up a man’s head and turned another’s torso into
“one big hole.” The weapon was lauded by soldiers on the battlefield
for its effectiveness at killing adversaries and even cutting through
dense jungle forest.

"You know that these [assault] weapons can shoot down airplanes, they
can blow up railroads. "
-Gun Expert Rev. Jesse Jackson.

"I've seen the bullets that implode. In Sandy Hook, youngsters were
dismembered. "
-Gun expert Dianne Feinstein

(one commenter:
If all that was true, I'm Just wondering why, in every shooting
in the USA where an AR-15 was used, not a single victim, NOT ONE,
was blown apart, decapitated, dismembered, or exploded. I'd say
that the author Murtaza Hussain is blowing smoke out his ass.
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