A Quora - Israeli Drones Have Downed Hundreds of Arson Balloons from Gaza

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Nov 24, 2021, 11:56:47 AM11/24/21

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Ron Barak

Israeli Drones Have Downed Hundreds of Arson Balloons from Gaza - Sagi
Cohen (Ha'aretz)
During 2018, Israeli communities adjacent to Gaza came under a
relentless assault of hundreds of explosive and incendiary kites and
In response, the Israel Defense Forces called up for reserve duty 15 of
the most experienced drone operators to intercept the balloons.
Over several months, the experts downed hundreds of kites and balloons,
controlling the drones intuitively with virtual-reality goggles that
provide the operator with the drone's point of view.
A new drone operating system enables soldiers with very little training
to fly drones. "We eliminated the concept of control by means of
sticks," said Rubi Liani.
"We reduce two years of training into five minutes. Soldiers arrive, and
within 10 minutes of training they start downing balloons in Gaza," Aviv
Shapira added. Takeoff and landing are performed automatically.

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Chaim Handler
· 10h ago
No doubt they can launch them faster than we can shoot them down. A
proportionate response would be to snag them and return them to their

Morris Friedman
· 14h ago
Again, an elegant solution, for a pesky problem!
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